Kirsten Bell

Research interests include medical anthropology and sociology, anthropology of biomedicine, cancer, tobacco, addiction, gender, genital cutting, research ethics, Korean new religious movements.

Research Projects

• Confronting cigarette packaging: the ethics and effects of fear-based warning labels (funded by CIHR operating grant)
• Between life and death: the contradictions of cancer survivorship (funded by SSHRC operating grant)

• Critically interrogating cancer survivorship: Social science and humanities perspectives (funded by CIHR Meetings, Planning & Dissemination Grant)’.
• Alcohol, tobacco and obesity: Interrogating the new public health’s “Axis of Evil” (BC Mental Health & Addictions Research Network Seed Grant/CIHR MPD Grant)
• Rights, risks and smoking (funded by CIHR Ethics Seed Grant)

Selected Publications

I am a social anthropologist by training, and originally conducted fieldwork on new religious movements in South Korea.  I continued to work in this area until 2005, but over the past seven years have moved exclusively into the anthropology and sociology of biomedicine and public health.  My current research interests coalesce around the concepts of health and lifestyle and their connection with the social, moral, political and economic order.  I have also developed a recent interest in the production of scientific knowledge.  These underlying interests manifest in several distinct (and occasionally intersecting) areas of research and writing, including: tobacco, cancer, addiction, genital cutting, obesity and research ethics.  Prior to arriving in Canada in 2006, I held lectureships in anthropology departments at Macquarie University in Australia (2003-2005) and the University of Northern Colorado (2000-2002).

I am currently the Associate Editor for the Americas of the journal Critical Public Health and a member of the editorial boards of the International Journal of Drug Policy and Drugs and Alcohol Today.

Edited Volumes

1. Dennis, S. & Bell, K. (eds) (2013) Towards a critical anthropology of smoking: Exploring the consequences of tobacco control. Special issue of Contemporary Drug Problems, 40(1).
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3. Bell, K., McNaughton, D. & Salmon, A. (eds) (2011) Alcohol, Tobacco and Obesity: Morality, Mortality and the New Public Health. Routledge: United Kingdom.


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Refereed Journal Articles

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Editorials, Commentaries and Responses

1. Ristovski-Slijepecvic, S. & Bell, K. (2014) Rethinking assumptions about cancer survivorship. Canadian Oncology Nursing Journal.
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Published Abstracts

1. Salmon, A., Allen, P., Ham, J., Pederson, A., Bell, K. & Malcoe, L.H. (2009) The Women’s Health Information Project: Locating and translating evidence for women who use drugs in the Downtown Eastside (Abstract). Journal of Urban Health, 86(3): 432.
2. Bell, K. & Christopherson, J. (2008) ‘Colorectal cancer is just not sexy’: Survivorship experiences in a colorectal cancer support group (Abstract). Psycho-Oncology, 17(Suppl. 6): S127-S128.
3. Bell, K. (2008) NICE Review of NHS Smoking Cessation Services (Abstract). Journal of Smoking Cessation, 2(Suppl. 1): 13.

Book Reviews

1. Bell, K. (2008) Review of The AIDS Pandemic by James Chin (2006). Critical Public Health, 18(1).
2. Bell, K. (2006) Review of The Making of Anthropology in East and Southeast Asia by Shinji Yamashita, Joseph Bosco & JS Eades, eds (2004). The Asia Pacific Journal of Anthropology, 7(2).
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4. Bell, K. (2004) Review of Laying Claim to the Memory of May: a Look Back at the 1980 Kwangju Uprising by Linda Lewis (2002). The Australian Journal of Anthropology, 15(2).

Blog and Newspaper Articles

1. Bell, K. (2014) Silent but deadly: Farting across cultures. PopAnth: Hot-Buttered Humanity, 22 April 2014,
2. Bell, K. (2009) How to deliver a paper at an anthropology conference American Anthropological Association Blog, 12 October 2012,
3. Bell, K. (2009) Going to the dentist bites. Globe and Mail, 26 October 2009,

Winter 2014

ANTH516 Qualitative Methods in Anthropology Sections

A discussion of selected methods used to observe, describe, and interpret cultural phenomena and social organization, including participant observation, interviewing, ethnographic semantics, life histories, componential analysis, and photography. Attention will also be given to ethics in anthropological research and writing and to such analytic matters as the nature of description, conceptualization, generalization, and content analysis.