Administrative Positions

Professor, Anthropological Archaeology

Head, Department of Anthropology

Emergence of social and political complexity, origins and spread of agriculture–especially maize; Mesoamerica (Early Formative and Postclassic Chiapas, Mexico), North America (Coast Salish peoples of British Columbia)

Phone: 604-822-3124


Associate Professor, Sociocultural Anthropology
Keith Burwell Professorship in Anthropology
Undergraduate Program Chair, Anthropology Undergraduate Studies Committee (AUSC)

Medical anthropology; global health; Tanzania: childhood malaria; India: outsourcing of clinical drug trials

Phone: 604-822-4820


Associate Professor, Anthropological Archaeology

Director, Laboratory of Archaeology (LOA)

Director, Canadian Archaeological Radiocarbon Database (CARD)

Northwest Coast archaeology and history; vernacular architecture and engineering; radiocarbon dating and calibration; landscape and settlement analyses; Indigenous oral records; colonialism and culture contact;archaeology and the law

Phone: 604-822-2545


Professor, Sociocultural Anthropology

Graduate Program Chair, Anthropology Graduate Studies Committee (AGSC)

Canadian Anthropology Society (CASCA) Fellow

Legal anthropology, Indigenous peoples and their relations with the state in its various local, national, and international manifestations; Native North America, with focus on the Coast Salish of British Columbia and the state of Washington

Phone: 604-822-6336


2016-2017 Committee Assignments

Graduate Student Studies (AGSC)

Chair: Bruce Miller

Members: Shaylih Muehlmann, John Barker (T1), Patrick Moore (T2) and Gaston Gordillo

Anthropology Undergraduate Studies Committee (AUSC)

Chair: Vinay Kamat

Members: David Pokotylo, Sara Shneiderman, Zhichun Jing (T1) and Vinay Kamat

Website and Communication: Mark Turin

Equity: Alexia Bloch (T2) and Millie Creighton

Museum Liaison: Leslie Robertson and Daisy Rosenblum

Special Events: Jennifer Kramer and Carole Blackburn

Peer Teaching Review: William McKellin

Safety: Charles Menzies

LOA Director: Andrew Martindale

Awards: Nicola Levell, Patricia Shaw, Susan Rowley