Honours in Anthropology

Obtaining an honours degree in anthropology calls for a total of 60 credits in anthropology (a maximum of 72 ANTH credits can be applied towards the honours degree), at least 48 of which must be numbered 300 or higher. Note that the Faculty of Arts requires a total of 54 upper-level course credits for all honours degrees in Arts.

All students considering the honours program in anthropology are required to meet with the Department of Anthropology undergraduate advisor and the honours advisor prior to applying to the program and periodically during their third and fourth years.  Although students typically apply to the honours program at the end of their third year, they should meet with the undergraduate advisor during their second year to discuss program requirements.

Admission to Third Year Honours

Admission to third year requires a high B average in first and second years (78% or higher), credit for ANTH 100 and ANTH 103, and three credits chosen from other anthropology courses at the 200-level.  All first- and second-year courses, regardless of department or faculty, will be taken into consideration when determining grade average.

Admission or Continuation to Fourth Year Honours

Registration in fourth year courses requires at least 48 credits in anthropology, including:

• ANTH 300 and 400.
• 3 credits in research methods and techniques: ANTH 306, 317, 406, 407, 408, 417, 418, 424, 431, 478.
• 3 credits in archaeological anthropology: ANTH 305, 318-326, 410, 411, 420, 424, 425.
• 3 credits in museum and visual anthropology: ANTH 331, 341, 378, 431, 432, 478.
• 6 credits from the following ethnographic area courses: ANTH 301-304, 307, 308, 315, 329, 350-353, 401-404, 416.
• ANTH 449 (6).

A high B average (78% or higher) and at least two A standings in senior ANTH courses is also required.

A course in statistics, such as ANTH 418, is also recommended as part of the major and honours programs in anthropology. Honours students must take ANTH 449 (6) in their final year.