Our Culture

Foundational components of our Department culture aim to create and maintain a positive and supportive work environment:

Respect for the individual. We strive to express respect for each other (faculty, staff, students, visitors) at all times including in conversation, via digital platforms, and in our actions.

Adherence to professionalism. Our workplace is a common space in which we relate convivially, but always as professionals. This includes ensuring ethical conduct (for example in financial matters, conflicts of interest, and issues of confidentiality).

Striving for fairness. We commit to maintain equitable and fair distributions in collective teaching and service workloads and to ensure that our dealing with each other and especially along gradients of power (such as with students and staff).

Empathy for the context. Our interactions are influenced by the context in which they occur, the relationship of the individuals, the position they represent, and our personal roles and the collective histories of our identities and communities. We strive to be aware of how this history manifests in our lives and to be attentive to the marginalization of others.

Care for each other. We are committed to fostering an amiable workspace rather than building any grounds for a noxious environment. We aspire to assisting others as warranted and to creating a workplace that is respectful, enjoyable and facilitates the free flow of ideas even in the context of disagreement.