Arianne Loranger-Saindon

MA Anthropology, Laval University, Quebec City (2007)

B.Sc. Anthropology, University of Montreal (2003)

Supervisor: Dr. Charles Menzies


Research Interests: First Nations, non-Aboriginal people, Canada, Territorial Issues, Racialization, Conflicts, Discourses, etc.

Current Projects: The prevalence of land claims in Canada highlights the interdependence of the concepts of race and space (Razack 2002). A fieldwork examining non-Natives’ connection to the land showed that this context induces modifications in non-Native identity discourses relating to land. I now explore the racializing effects of these discourses and the way in which land claims, by the climate of uncertainty they provoke, exacerbate ethnic conflicts between Natives and non-Natives. In anthropological literature, the relationship between First Nations and the land is already well documented. However, the attachment of non-Aboriginals to the claimed lands has only been explored from the angle of nationalism (Trudel 1995) and economic development (Cassidy and Dale 1988, Menzies 1994). I propose to give a more comprehensive outline of actual territorial issues and claims dynamics by producing an ethnography-based study of non-Aboriginal people’s attitudes toward land. Therefore, my projects aim of non-Native people to land, their narratives justifying their presence on that land and their discourses on Aboriginal rights, claims and demand methods.