Awards & Financial Aid

Anthropology Students at UBC are eligible for a number of awards. Visit UBC Awards and Financial Aid for more information.

The Department of Anthropology recognizes undergraduate excellence with two annual awards:

The Julie Cruikshank Award is given to the best term paper submitted in and anthropology (ANTH or ARCL) course. This award is given in honour of Julie Cruikshank, one of our most accomplished professors (now emerita).

The Hawthorn Award is given to the best undergraduate honours thesis.  This award recognizes the founding anthropologist of the department, Harry Hawthorn.  Award recipients receive a $50 UBC Bookstore gift card.

Cruikshank Award Winners

  • 2017. Eva Sullivan, "Discourses of (Un)Belonging: The Gendered, Racialized and Reproductive Politics of Non-Jewish Migration in Israel"
  • 2014. Lee Dorner for the essay,  "“Pill Persuasion: How the Pharmaceutical Industry Frames Contemporary Health” submitted to Bill McKellin’s ANTH 417 class
  • 2013. Brooke McFarlane for the essay,  "The Cultural Biography of Haida Bracelets: Contextual Transformations" submitted to Carol Mayer's 431 class
  • 2009. Stewart Dickson, for the essay, "Two Minutes Hate: Exploring the Punk Ethos and Diving into the Mosh" submitted to ANTH 407
  • 2008. Sze Wann Lim, "'Red Corners'" in Russian Homes: From Orthodox Icons to Lenin, a Place of Power"

Hawthorn Award Winners

  • 2017. Caitlin Stonham, "Tiny Life and The Law: Identity, materiality, and Bureaucracy in Vancouver’s Tiny House Movement"
  • 2010. Emilie Gladstone, "Double Liminality: Navigating Misaligned Services and Inventing Transitions for Youth with Disabilities in BC"
  • 2009. Nikolay Mintchev, "Dialectics of Ethnicity: A Study on Ethnic Relations and Social Memory in Post-Socialist Bulgaria"
  • 2008. Megan Raschig, "Defeating the Pain in the City of Rain: Resituating the Body in First Nations Hip Hop"

UBC also has several awards for which anthropology students are eligible:

The Lui Lin Ping Memorial Scholarship ($1200) is offered to an undergraduate student in the final year of study in international relations, anthropology or geography whose studies are concerned with advancing cross-cultural understanding and who has achieved distinction in written work related to cross-cultural studies. The award is made on the recommendation of the Faculty of Arts in consultation with the respective departments.

The International Undergraduate Award in Psychology, Anthropology and Commerce are awards totalling $3,000 are offered by an anonymous donor to undergraduate international students in any year of study majoring in Psychology or Anthropology, or who are pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce degree. The awards are to be split evenly between the three disciplines, and financial need may be considered. Awards are made on the recommendation of the Faculty of Arts and the Sauder School of Business.

Previous Lui Lin Ping Award Winners:

2012. Kelsey Timler.