Anthropology Students’ Association


The Anthropology Students’ Association is an organization that seeks to connect undergraduate students together who are majoring, minoring or just interested in knowing more about anthropology.

We hold both academic and social events such as ice cream socials, professor talks, and game nights with the goal in mind of strengthening our relationships among the Anthropology department.


Imagine Day BBQ at ANSO

Imagine Day BBQ at ANSO



This past year we had our first ever ANSO Gala, a collaborative event with the Sociology Students’ Association (SSA) and we are looking forward to putting it on again this year.

ASA Executives 2016-2017:

President: Spencer Garvey
VP External: Sammy Marsh
VP Internal: Daniella Malpartida
Treasurer: Yoki Li
Academic Coordinator: Brittany Tuffs
Social Coordinator: Helen Wagner
Journal Coordinator: Katie Lay
Secretary: Angela Yang
Promotion and Media Coordinator: Melanie Dunch
Website Manager: Lindsay Peloquin

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