Dada Docot

MA, Human Security Studies, Department of Cultural Anthropology, University of Tokyo 4e899770f6
BA, Journalism, University of the Philippines


Supervisor: Dr. Millie Creighton

Research Interests: Filipino migration, Japan, Philippine studies, visual anthropology, film, art practices in anthropology

Current Projects: I am continuing my interest on the study of Filipino community in Japan, while also producing films and art projects on Filipino international migrations.

Docot, Dada, Smartt, D, & Walde, A. 2011. Balikbayan: Return to the Nation (10 mins)
Docot, Dada. 2010. Sunday (E)scapes (30 mins)
Docot, Dada. 2009. Baad ng Pauno (30 mins) Preview:
Docot, Dada. 2008. Performing Naturalness (3 mins)
Docot, Dada. 2008 Sablay (5 mins)

Book Chapter:
2009. Docot, Dada. On Identity and Development: Filipino Women Entertainers in Transit in Japan. In Nault, E. (ed), Development in Asia: Interdisciplinary, Post-neoliberal, and Transnational Perspectives.” Florida: Brown Walker Press.

2010. “Performing Naturalness:‘Virtual Scrutiny’ of Minorities in Japan,” Japan Studies Association of Canada Conference 2010, Centre for Japanese Research, University of British Columbia.

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2006. “Cultural Diplomacy of Japan to the Philippines: The Case of Japan Foundation Manila and its Eiga Sai Program.” The First Philippine Studies Conference of Japan, Tokyo, Japan.

American Anthropological Association
Society for Visual Anthropology
Japan Studies Association of Canada
Ethnographic Film Unit, Department of Anthropology, UBC
Philippine Studies Series, Liu Intitute for Global Issues, UBC