UBC Anth Colloquia: Solen Roth

THURSDAY, MARCH 5, 2020 | 11:30 am-1:00 pm

Room 134    |  Anthropology & Sociology Building, 6303 NW Marine Drive

“Heroes in Parachutes: The Opportunities and Challenges of Conducting Anthropological Research to Design a Better(?) World”


The promise of anthropology is generally to provide us with a better understanding of the world; in contrast, the promise of design is to provide us with practical ways to transform the world for the better. Drawing on five years of experience working as an anthropologist for and with designers, this talk examines the challenges of expanding the practice of anthropological methods without participating in the rise of a new generation of « heroes in parachutes ».


Solen Roth is a cultural anthropologist (MA Université Louis Lumière 2006, PhD UBC 2013) currently teaching at the École de design de l’Université de Montréal. She is the author of Incorporating Culture. How Indigenous Peoples Have Been Reshaping the Northwest Coast Art Industry (UBC Press, 2018).

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