Colloquium: Alison Wylie, “Knowledge That’s Fit for Purpose: A Research Prospectus”

“Knowledge that’s Fit for Purpose: A Research Prospectus”

For this colloquium Wylie will be outlining a long-term research program that leverages work she has done on evidential reasoning and collaborative practice in archaeology. It consists of three interrelated projects that, together, constitute key elements of pragmatic and proceduralist account of objectivity as knowledge “fit for purpose”: knowledge that is empirically well-grounded in a non-foundational sense, that has survived critical scrutiny informed by relevantly diverse standpoints, and it is accountable to purpose. In this colloquium Wylie will outline what she has in mind as the point of departure for what she envisions as, itself, a collaborative venture.

Speaker: Professor Alison Wylie, Dept. of Philosophy, UBC Canada Research Chair

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