Indian Summer Festival: Amitav Ghosh on ‘The Great Derangement’

An SFU Vancouver Speaker Series presentation, in collaboration with Indian Summer Festival.


Are we deranged? Acclaimed Indian novelist Amitav Ghosh argues that future generations may well think so, given our imaginative failure in the face of global warming. In this special presentation, Ghosh charts the complicity of fiction in shaping the priorities and consumer choices of the world we have created. When our descendants look back at this moment from a “substantially altered world”, he predicts, they will conclude that ours was a time when most forms of art and literature prevented people from recognizing the realities of their plight”. They will think of our current moment on earth as the “time of the Great Derangement”.


Through Ghosh’s formidable body of work, he has unearthed the stories of ordinary people from the debris of empires. Here Ghosh argues against seeing the climate crisis in terms of the questions it poses to the individual conscience, because the response it demands cannot be left to the individual conscience. Here is a great writer’s eloquent summons to confront the most urgent task of our time.


Following his presentation, Amitav Ghosh will be in conversation with Prof. Maureen Maloney of SFU’s School of Public Policy. This event is part of SFU Vancouver’s 30th Anniversary.

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