UBC ANTH Faculty Brown Bag Series: Charles Menzies

TUESDAY, February 11 | 11:30-12:30 pm

Room 134    |  Anthropology & Sociology Building, 6303 NW Marine Drive

“Learning from Łagyigyet (the old people) by walking in the steps of Mati (mountain goats)”


Mati -Mountain goats in Gitxaała’s indigenous language- are iconic beings that play an important role in Indigenous histories and culture. This is an Indigenous led project involving social and ecological components of Mati/Gitxaała relations. It has been generations since we have hunted Mati in the old way by hand in intimate contact with Mati. Oral histories recount the close relations between our ancestors and Mati. Engaging in cultural resurgence acts of walking with Mati through our shared laxyuup (territory) in K’tai (a space within Pitt Island) builds our understanding of what it was like and how it can become.

This paper describes the methods and results that have come from walking along side of, and learning from, Mati as a proxy for humans in the context of cultural resurgence –relearning and re-establishing our relations with Mati within our shared laxyuup.

Speaker Bio:

Charles R. Menzies, a member of Gitxaała Nation, was born and raised in Prince Rupert, British Columbia. His primary research interests are the production of anthropological films, natural resource management, political economy, contemporary First Nations’ issues, maritime anthropology, and Indigenous archaeology. He is also special advisor on cultural and heritage research for the Gitxaała Nation and a professor in the Department of Anthropology, University of British Columbia.