UBC ANTH Faculty Brown Bag Series: Dr. John Barker

TUESDAY, January 21 | 12:00-1:00 pm

Room 134    |  Anthropology & Sociology Building, 6303 NW Marine Drive

“Eco-politics in Collingwood Bay, Papua New Guinea”

Dr. John Barker joined the Anthropology and Sociology Department in 1987, serving as the Department Head for Anthropology from 2008-14. His research focuses mainly on the interface between local and global religious traditions, with forays into the history of Canadian anthropology, ethno-history, the anthropology of art and eco-politics in Melanesia. Since 1981, He has conducted most of his field research with the Maisin people of Papua New Guinea, a socio-linguistic group of around 3,000 people living in Oro Province on the northeast coast of the country. He also had shorter stints of fieldwork with the Nuxalk and Nisga’a Nations and with Christian creationists in British Columbia.

Dr. Barker is the author or editor of four books: Christianity in Oceania (1990), At Home with the Bella Coola Indians (2003), The Anthropology of Morality in Melanesia and Beyond (2007), and Ancestral Lines: The Maisin of Papua New Guinea and Fate of the Rainforest (2nd edition, 2016). He is the academic editor of the Ethnography in the Classroom series at the University of Toronto Press.

Light Refreshments will be served.