Anthropology Talk: Traversing the City: the Making of Indigenous Spatialities Within and Beyond Buenos Aires

ANTH Imagine UBC and Back to School BBQ

Colloquium: Dr. Charles Menzies, “People of the Saltwater”

Upcoming Colloquium: Dredge B. Kang, “I ❤️ Korea”

Colloquium: Sven D. Haakanson, “From a Model to a Full Sized Angyaaq”

Colloquium: Karin Zitzewitz, “Art Talk: Gossip and Speculation about Market Change in the South Asian Art World”

Colloquium: Denise Nuttall, “Learning to Embody the Radically Empirical”

AGSA: Jessica Metcalfe, “Human hairs from the Pleistocene Colorado Plateau and the Late Prehistoric Great Basin”

Colloquium: Julia Morris, “Offshore Extractions and the Everyday Life of a Refugee Economy in the Republic of Nauru”