AGSA: Kamal Arora, “Legacies of Violence: Sikh Women in Delhi’s ‘Widow Colony'”

Colloquium: Laura Osorio, “Intangible and Archaeological Heritage; the Pixan of Santa Elena, Yucatan”

AGSA: Ale Diaz, “Resource relationships along the Fraser: A stable isotope analysis of prehistoric dogs and other fauna”

The Transition to Agriculture and Sedentary Way of Life in North China: A View from The Fuxin Project

Colloquium: Paula Pryce, “The Fire and the Rose are One: Eroticism and Ritual as Agents of Change in American Contemplative Christianity”

Colloquium: Molly Malone, “Can We Measure ‘Impacts’ to Culture? The Role of Anthropology in Canada’s Shifting Legal and Regulatory Regimes”

Colloquium: Michael Kobor, “Epigenetic Embedding of Early Life Experiences: How Environments Get ‘Under the Skin'”