David Ryniker

Anthropology of Nationalism and the State, Post-Colonialism, Development, Globalization, Ethnicity and Conflict, Pacific Islands, Melanesia, Solomon Islands.

Ph.D. UBC, 2001

Winter 2019

ANTH202B Contemporary Social Problems - ANTH CON SOC PRB Sections

Cultural background to contemporary events; problems of nationalism and regional conflicts, economic and social development, gender, religion and social change. Course may stress a different region of the world in different years.

Winter 2019

ANTH100A Introduction to Cultural Anthropology - INTRO CULT ANTH Sections

Basic concepts and methods of anthropology; culture and race; comparative study of social systems, religion, symbolism, art, and other institutions. Examples are drawn from a variety of cultures.

Winter 2019

ANTH300A Contemporary Anthropological Theory - CONTMP ANTH THRY Sections

Contemporary approaches to society and culture in anthropology.