Eva Marley

Research Key Words:

Social Movements, Colonialism and Post-Colonialism, Native Youth, Media, Engaged

Master’s Research:

I am continually fascinated with the ways youth and young adults craft a sense of self and cultural identity while confronting – and oftentimes challenging – structures of power. Much of my work focuses on the role of new media as a tool for facilitating communication across geographical and cultural borders thereby aiding in the construction of group identities, particularly among Aboriginal youth. Exploring the intersection of structural realities and individual lived experiences, my current research examines the complex ways urban Native youth artists in Canada and New Zealand are reclaiming colonial spaces, such as UBC’s Museum of Anthropology, and asserting their own identities while addressing common themes such as Indigenous sovereignty, land rights, and decolonization.

B.A., Anthropology and Sociology, Knox College, 2013

Honour’s Project:

#Solidarity: Youth Identity and Participation in Social Movements

My research explored how young adults are socialized into organizing, mobilizing and sustaining
social movements with an emphasis on social media and its role in the 2011 Wisconsin Act 10 protests and Occupy Wall Street. Drawing on the works of Bourdieu and social movement theorist Douglas McAdam, my thesis proposed an integrative analysis of contemporary social movement theory utilizing both micro and macro approaches, focusing not only on the larger social, political and economic forces that propel youth to unite for change, but also examining young people’s individual lived experiences and how these shape their protest participation and behaviour.

M.A. Supervisor:  Dr. Leslie Robertson

Member, American Anthropological Association
Member, Central States Anthropological Association
Member, Canadian Anthropological Society-Société Canadienne D’Anthropologie

Conference Presentations:

“#Solidarity: Youth Identity and Participation in Social Movements.” Youth Activism Session, Central States Anthropological Society Annual Meeting, St. Louis, Missouri, April 2013.


Conference Posters:

“#Solidarity: Youth Identity and Participation in Social Movements.” Horizons Research Showcase, Knox College, Galesburg, Illinois, February 2013.