Yujie Ji

Research Keywords: Chone Tibetan language, language policy, identity construction, ethnic boundaries, in-betweenness, Tibetanness

As an ethnic Chone Tibetan myself, I am interested in analyzing China’s development projects of developing ethnic minority languages and their effects on the dialects of ethnic minority languages and their speakers, with a particular focus on Chone Tibetan language and its speakers. My research also explores the important role that language plays for Tibetans in defining ethnic identity and the wider issue of Tibetanness in contemporary China, where the key aspects of being a “pure Tibetan” are being conceptualized and contested.

Master of Arts in Anthropology, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 2016
Master of Arts in TESL, Pennsylvania State University, USA, 2014
Bachelor of Arts in English, Northwest Normal University, China, 2012

1. The Dual Linguistic Hegemonies of Chinese and Amdo Tibetan and Their Impact on Chone Tibetan and Its Speakers’ Paper presented at Himalayan Studies Conference V, Boulder, Colorado, USA, Sep 2, 2017.

2. ‘Shifting Linguistic Identities in Chone Tibetan’ Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Roundtable Discussion, UBC Himalaya Program Speaker Series, Vancouver, BC, Canada. Jan 23, 2017.

3. ‘Language Choice and Language Shift in Tibetan Families in Luozu Village’ Poster presented at 2014 Department of Applied Linguistics Open House at Pennsylvania State University, PA, USA. May 3, 2014.

1. IAR Graduate Research Fellowship, UBC, 2017
2. Pan Tianshou Scholarship, UBC, 2017
3. Four Year Doctoral Fellowship, UBC, 2016