MA Theses

MA Theses are publicly available in PDF format through the UBC Library cIRcle Information Repository. Click the highlighed “UBC cIRcle” link at the end of each thesis title to go directly to UBC Library’s permanent repository.

Adams, Amanda S. (2003) Visions cast on stone: a stylistic analysis of the petroglyphs of Gabriola Island, B.C. UBC cIRcle

Bale, Martin T. (2000) Prehistoric settlement and production in the Nam River Valley, South Korea. UBC cIRcle

Beattie, W. Grant (1996) Archaeological landscapes of the Lower Mainland, British Columbia: a settlement study using a Geographic Information System. UBC cIRcle

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Brand, Michael J. (1994) Prehistoric Anasazi diet: a synthesis of archaeological evidence. UBC cIRcle

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Burnard, Linda L. (1987) Metes and bounds: a search for archaeological indicators of hunter-gatherer territoriality. UBC cIRcle

Canal, M. Cecilia (2006) Stable carbon isotope analysis and maize-stalk beer diet in rats: implications for the origins of maize. UBC cIRcle

Cheetham, David (1998) Interregional interaction, symbol emulation, and the emergence of socio-political inequality in the central Maya lowlands. UBC cIRcle

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Holm, Margaret Ann (1990) Prehistoric Northwest Coast art: a stylistic analysis of the archaeological record. UBC cIRcle

Hynes, Kyla M. (2011) Archival archaeology of the sćəlexw village site DhRt-2 (Musqueam East). UBC cIRcle. Additional Supplementary Material: PDF

Imamoto, Shirley S. (1974) Analysis and interpretation of faunal remains from a complex site in the Fraser-Delta region of British Columbia: Glenrose Cannery, DgRr 6. UBC cIRcle

Jessome, MacKenzie K. (2012) Core and peripheral settlements in ancient central Panamá: a reconstruction of population change at Site 054 in the Río Parita Valley. UBC cIRcle

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Lafleur, Mary-Lou T. (2007) “Spirit Camp”: indigenous website preferences. UBC cIRcle

La Salle, Marina J. (2008) Beyond lip service: an analysis of labrets and their social context on the Pacific Northwest Coast of British Columbia. UBC cIRcle

Langrick, Helena (1985) An anthropological perspective on the role of Chinese trade ceramics in the prehistory of a Philippine culture. UBC cIRcle

Lepofsky, Dana S. (1985) An integrated approach to studying settlement systems on the Northwest Coast: the Nuxalk of Bella Coola, B.C. UBC cIRcle

Li, Guo (2002) Subsistence of Neolithic Pearl River Estuary area, South China. UBC cIRcle

Li, Min (2000) Jinan in the first millennium B.C.: archaeology and structural history. UBC cIRcle

Lo, Shyh-Charng (1977) A review of Lungshanoid sites using cluster analysis and multidimensional scaling. UBC cIRcle

Lucas, Janet (1984) Exploring the geometric horizon : interregional interaction and local evolution. UBC cIRcle

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Mason, Andrew R. (1994) The Hatzic Rock site. UBC cIRcle

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McMillan, Alan D. (1969) Archaeological investigations at Nootka Sound, Vancouver Island. UBC cIRcle

Morin, Jesse (2006) Non-domestic architecture in prehistoric complex hunter-gatherer communities: an example from Keatley Creek, on the Canadian Plateau of British Columbia. UBC cIRcle

Morrison, Sandra L. (1997) Household archaeology at the Scowlitz site, Fraser Valley, B.C. UBC cIRcle

Ormerod, Patricia L. (2002) Reading the earth: multivariate analysis of feature functions at Xá:ytem (the Hatzic Rock Site, DgRn 23), British Columbia. UBC cIRcle

Poulsen, Michelle D. (2000) Making choices: examining Musqueam agency at Stselax village during the post-contact period. UBC cIRcle

Pratt, Heather L. (1992) The Charles culture of the Gulf of Georgia: a re-evaluation of the culture and its three sub-phases. UBC cIRcle

Roddick, Andrew P. (2002) Archaeological approaches to ritual in the Andes: a ceramic analysis of ceremonial space at the formative period site of Chiripa, Bolivia. UBC cIRcle

Rosenswig, Robert M. (1998) A comparison of early and middle formative political development in the Soconusco and valley of Oaxaca: settlement mortuary and architectural patterns. UBC cIRcle

Ruggles, Angela Joy (2007) Is home where the hearth is?: evidence for an early non-domestic structure on the Dundas Islands of north coastal British Columbia UBC cIRcle

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Thomas, Eleanore A. (2006) A comparative study of children’s archaeology programs in Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. UBC cIRcle

Vanagas, Anthony (2001) An archaeological perspective on alpine/sub-alpine land use in the Clear Range and Pavilion Mountains, south-central British Columbia. UBC cIRcle

Wilkerson, Emily A. (2010) Delineation of site chronology and spatial components using macroscopic lithic analysis at DhRp-52. UBC cIRcle

Williams, Anne M. (1980) Carl Borden and archaeology in British Columbia: an interactive history UBC cIRcle

Ying, Meng (2009) The archaeological investigation of human sacrifice at Xibeigang in Anyang during the late Shang dynasty. UBC cIRcle