Supervisors & On-leave Policy

Under normal leave circumstances, faculty members going on leave designate Department colleagues to serve in his or her place as Supervisory Chair during the leave period. Consent must be obtained from the designated replacement as well as from the student prior to informing the Anthropology Graduate Student Committee (AGSC) of the change.

Supervisory Committee Chairs who expect to be in Vancouver during most of their leave may elect to retain some or all of their advisory chairs. If so, they must inform the AGSC. If the on-leave Supervisory Committee Chair expects to be absent from Vancouver for a period exceeding two consecutive months, a temporary chair must be designated. Should the on-leave Chair neglect to secure a replacement, the AGSC will do so in consultation with the graduate student concerned.

Faculty members should not remain or accept new Supervisory Committee chairs when other commitments (on-leave or otherwise) prevent them from offering adequate supervision to the concerned graduate students. It is also the responsibility of the Supervisory Committee Chair to ensure that the student has a full Supervisory Committee. The Chair must, in consultation with the student, seek replacements for any committee members who go on leave or who, for other reasons, choose to withdraw from the committee.