Criteria for Fast-Tracking

An MA student will be fast-tracked into the PhD program only upon the recommendation of the student’s supervisory committee with approval from the Anthropology Graduate Studies Committee (AGSC). It is expected that such a student’s research goals and overall skills are consistent with those of first-year PhD students. While individual records will vary, the main criterion for fast-tracking a student should be that he or she has an academic record, experience, and long-term research goals and abilities promising enough to warrant formal entry into the PhD program.


The request to fast-track a student must be initiated by the supervisory committee, and the request must be made in writing to the Anthropology Graduate Student Committee (AGSC) no sooner than the end of the student’s first semester in the program (early December), and no later than the beginning of the student’s second semester in the program (early February). The letter requesting that a student be fast-tracked must provide clear justifications, including by indicating at least one of the following criteria:

  1. The student has a record of scholarly publications (journal articles, book chapters, or books).
  2. The student has had substantial fieldwork, lab, or work-related experience in her or his field of proposed research.

In consultation with a student’s supervisory committee, the AGSC will make a decision by the end of the spring semester. If the request is approved, the student’s subsequent year in the graduate program will be considered to be her or his second year in the PhD program. Like other PhD students, the student must complete comprehensive exams no later than the fall of the third year in the PhD program.