Evaluation of Progress

Unless the circumstances are exceptional, a student who has not received a degree at the end of six winter sessions will be required to withdraw. Extensions can only be granted by the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies who must be petitioned by the Anthropology Graduate Students Committee (AGSC) on behalf of students.

Students must meet with their Supervisory Committee at least once each term. The Supervisory Committee and course instructors prepare a brief student evaluation in December and a detailed evaluation in April to submit to the AGSC.  If in the considered opinion of the Supervisory Committee and the AGSC, a student does not make satisfactory progress, he or she may be required by the Department to withdraw.  The AGSC notifies students and their Supervisory Committee of their status in the program each May.

Please note that the Anthropology Caucus will review the file of any graduate student in the PhD program who receives a grade below 75% in either the graduate seminar in social-cultural theory (ANTH 500) or in one of the graduate methods course.