Research Assistantships

Research Assistantships (RA) are co-ordinated and administered through individual Anthropology faculty members. Several faculty members are able to provide Research Assistantships (RA) from their research grants to support full-time graduate students. Unlike other forms of financial aid, RAs come entirely from external research grants awarded to individual faculty members.

Because of the nature of projects funded by outside agencies, there is a constantly evolving array of research opportunities. RAs allow students to acquire valuable research skills and work experiences to list on a resume. Unlike other forms of fellowship support for graduate students, the stipend for a RA is neither fixed nor subject to a university-wide formula. The stipends vary widely and are determined by those who administer the funds, including grant holders, and granting agencies.

Please contact individual faculty members you are interested in working with, or watch for postings for RA openings distributed via the anth-grads list-serv and the Awards/Teaching Positions bulletin board across from the Main Office.

For a list of faculty members, please refer to the Faculty Profiles page.