Important Info for TAs

Office Space
As a TA in our department, you have been assigned an office in the AnSo building. If you have not done so already, please see the AnSo Graduate Secreatary in the AnSo Grad Office in order to find out where your office is located and to obtain a key request form. As you will be sharing office space with other TAs, please ensure that your TA office hours are posted clearly outside your office. It is a good idea to negotiate your office hours with the TAs sharing your office space so that students coming to see you have uninterrupted time with you.

If you are required to photocopy material for class, and you will be photocopying in the department copy room across from the Grad Office, you will need to ask your instructor to supply you with their copy code. The copy code is needed in order to log onto the copy machine. Please refer to the document in your TA  orientation package entitled “A Few Guidelines for Teaching Assistants” for more information about photocopying.

If you require equipment for a class, equipment can be booked from Main Office Secretary. Please remember to return any equipment borrowed from the mailroom to the mailroom promptly after class.

TAs are paid bi-monthly on the 15th and the 30th or 31st of each month. If you have not arranged for payroll direct deposit, your paycheques can be picked up at Financial Services/Payroll on the third floor of the GSAB building. Please note that you will need photo ID to pick up your paycheques.

Direct deposit forms are available at Financial Services/Payroll or at their website.

If there are any problems with your appointment, please let the AnSo Graduate Secretary know.

Workload Concerns
If your TA duties conflict with deadlines for your courses or responsibilities for other academic work, please be sure to notify your own instructor (or supervisor) and the instructor of the course you are TAing for in order to work out a solution.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact the AnSo Graduate Secretary in the Grad Office.