Kamal Arora

A Gender and Development, University of Sussex/Institute of Development Studies, 2008.   424a7a39e0
BA Communication, Simon Fraser University, 2004

Email: arorakam@interchange.ubc.ca

Supervisor/s: Gaston Gordillo, Alexia Bloch, Anne Murphy

Research Interests: I am interested in the multifarious spaces that are created by the intersections between religiosity, affect, embodiment, and gendered identities. My research involves exploring the religious practices of Sikh women the ways in which religious bodies and practices are created, honed, practiced and carried out in everyday life.

My other areas of interest include: Indic religious practice, death, mourning and grief, spirit possession and religious ecstasy, Partition history, diasporic studies, postcolonial feminisms, communal violence, the anthropology of space and place, phenomenology, social memory and traversing connections between quantum physics and religious experience.

I have a number of years of experience working in university research settings, community development and international development, both in Canada and India in various fields.

Current Projects:

1) Phd Research: Bodies That Mourn: Sikh Women’s Religiosity and the Legacy of Communal Violence (working title).
2) Researcher for “Predicaments of a “Post-Conflict” Generation: A Comparative Study of Sikh and Ahmadiyya Diaspora Formations” with Michael Nijhawan at York University.

Conference Papers and Publications:

Arora, Kamal.  2012. “Let Me Tell You about 1984”: Identity and Aesthetic Renderings of Violence Amongst Sikh Youth in Toronto, Canada. Paper presented at Constellations, Confrontations and Aspirations: Reflections on Diaspora and Transnationalism Through the Lens of Youth Formations. York University, Toronto, May 22-23.

Arora, Kamal and Všgele, Sophie. 2010. Questioning assumptions of universally applicable social theories: Considerations on women’s empowerment in India. Paper presented at the Canadian Asian Studies Association Annual Conference, October 30.

Haines, R.J., Johnson, J.L., Carter, C.I., Arora, K. June 2009. “I couldn’t say, I’m not a girl” – Adolescents Talk about Gender and Marijuana Use. Social Science & Medicine. 68(11): 2029-2036.

Arora, K. 2008. The Politics of Pain: Gender, Mourning and the Punjab Crisis. Paper presented at the Association for Research on Mothering Annual Conference, Toronto, York University, October 26.

Arora, Kamal. 2008. The Politics of Pain: Gender, Mourning and the Punjab Crisis. MA dissertation. Institute of Development Studies, Brighton, UK.