New and Revised Anthropology Courses for Fall and Winter 2014

Note the new course code for anthropological archaeology courses. As of June 11, 2014 all anthropological archaeology courses will change from the ANTH code to a new course code (ARCL). The courses will retain the same number such that, for example, ARCL 103 will be the equivalent of ANTH 103.  ARCL courses will continue to fill the same role as previously for the Anthropology Major and Minor. Pending approval from UBC Senate in July the proposed Minor in Anthropological Archaeology will be available as a program option starting in the fall of 2014.

New and Revised Courses for 2014-15

New Courses (not all will be offered in 2014/15)

  • ARCL 140 (3) Bones: The Origins of Humanity. The origin and evolution of the human lineage and the emergence of human biological and cultural traits with emphasis on the fossil record before the Pleistocene. Students cannot take both ANTH 140 and 225 for credit. Offered in Fall 2014.
  • ARCL 204 (3) Great Archaeological Discoveries. An examination of some of momentous discoveries in archaeology that have shaped our knowledge of the ancient world and the history of humanity. Offered Winter 2015.
  • ARCL 309 (3) The Archaeology of Collapse and Sustainability. An evaluation of the issues of sustainability and collapse of ecological and social systems through the archaeological study of the past. Offered in Fall 2014.
  • ARCL 324 (3) Archaeological Foundations of South America. The archaeology of South America with an emphasis on the emergence of economic, social, political, and religious organization, and a primary focus on the Andean region.  Seminar format with lectures discussing recent research and current discoveries. Prerequisite: ARCL 232. Not offered in 2014-2015.
  • ARCL 419 (3) The Archaeology of Death. A survey of methods, theory, and case-studies in mortuary archaeology. Prerequisites: ARCL 203. Offered in Fall 2014.
  • ARCL 430 (3) Archaeological Survey Methods. Analytical and practical skills in locating archaeological sites and data leading to spatial patterns and historical interpretation. Prerequisites: ARCL 203. Not offered in 2014-2015.