Intimacy, Gender, Mobility

Topics in Feminist Anthropology/Advanced Topics in the Anthropology of Gender:  Anth513/412 with Dr. Alexia Bloch.

In this course we will examine how the mobility of women and men in the 21st century brings about new forms of intimacy and social connection, as well as how emergent citizenship regimes regulate intimacy and transnational ties in new ways.  Combining a focus on gender and emotion with the anthropology of globalization, this course will provide students with an understanding of how processes of globalization shape not only economies, but also arenas of love, intimacy, and mobility.  Ethnographic research conducted in a number of locations, including China, Japan, Dubai, Turkey, and the former Soviet Union, form the backbone of this course which explores emerging theoretical work on transnational sex work, “modern” forms of love, and citizenship regimes.