Administrative Positions

Professor, Anthropological Archaeology

Head, Department of Anthropology

Emergence of social and political complexity, origins and spread of agriculture–especially maize; Mesoamerica (Early Formative and Postclassic Chiapas, Mexico), North America (Coast Salish peoples of British Columbia)

Room: ANSO Building, 2129

Phone: 604-822-3160


2018-2019 Committee Assignments

Graduate Student Studies (AGSC)

Chair: Gaston Gordillo

Members: Sara Shneiderman, Jennifer Kramer, Camilla Speller

Anthropology Undergraduate Studies Committee (AUSC)

Chair: Carole Blackburn

Members: Zhichun Jing, Nicola Levell

Website and Communication: Mark Turin (T1), John Barker (T2)

Equity: Susan Rowley (T1), TBA (T2)

Museum Liaison: Jennifer Kramer, Susan Rowley

Special Events: Sabina Magliocco, Patricia Shaw

Peer Teaching Review: Bruce Miller

Department Review Advance Prep: Darlene Weston, Charles Menzies, Patrick Moore

Safety and Space: William McKellin, Patricia Ormerod

LOA Director: David Pokotylo

Awards Faculty: Daisy Rosenblum, Shaylih Muehlmann

Awards Students: Leslie Robertson, Millie Creighton, Vinay Kamat

On Leave or Seconded to other units or programs: Andrew Martindale (both terms), Sue Rowley (T2), Mark Turin (T2), Alexia Bloch (both terms), Wade Davis (both terms)