Professor Emeritus, Sociocultural Anthropology

Academic Editor, Teaching Culture and Anthropological Insights, University of Toronto Press

Religion, colonialism, history of anthropology; Oceania, Northwest Coast



Email: john.barker@ubc.ca

Professor Emeritus, Anthropological Archaeology

Emergence of social and political complexity, origins and spread of agriculture–especially maize; Mesoamerica (Early Formative and Postclassic Chiapas, Mexico), North America (Coast Salish peoples of British Columbia)


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Instructor Emeritus

Professor Emeritus




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Professor Emeritus




Email:  rgmatson@shaw.ca

Associate Professor Emeritus, Anthropological Archaeology

Archaeological methods and theory; archaeology of western North America (Plateau and subarctic); cultural resource management; public archaeology; quantitative techniques; lithic technology; ethno-archaeology; paleolithic in East Africa

Phone: 604-822-2594

Email: david.pokotylo@ubc.ca

Professor Emeritus




Professor Emeritus, Linguistic Anthropology
Endangered language documentation, conservation, and revitalization (Salish, Wakashan, Siouan, Athapaskan, Algonquian); sound systems; literacy and orality; language contact and change; Indigenous language rights

Phone: 6048226481

Email: patricia.a.shaw@ubc.ca