ANSO Workspace Safety Plan


Anth Resumption of Research


For those who have been approved for access to the building, it is mandatory that you complete the following 3 items:

1.) the safety training video; 2.) the “Anthropology Working Alone” document, and 3.) the “Preventing Covid-19 Infection in the Workplace”


1.)  Watch the training video, and send an affirmation email that you have viewed the training video to

Return to Research Training Video:

2.) Fill out the Working Alone Document form and submit to

Anthropology Working Alone document


3.)  Enroll in Preventing Covid-19 Infection in the Workplace workshop and submit your certificate to

Preventing COVID-19 Infection in the Workplace


Additional Information:

ANSO_FoA_COVID19 Safety Plan_Stage 2 Addendum_Aug 31_2020_reviewed_FoA

Faculty of Arts_Faculty Plan_safety plan 2020.08.26 – FINAL

AnSo Return to Research Training Presentation

Appendix with our building plan

AnSo Covid-19 Workspace Safety Plan

BERP Amendment

Faculty of Arts Resumption of Research Plan

UBC Behavioural guidance during the COVID-19 Research Restrictions