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Anthropology PhD and MA theses (1953/1954 to 2000/1)

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PhD Theses

PATERSON, Timothy (2000) Tainted Blood, Tainted Knowledge: Contesting Scientific Evidence at the Keever Inquiry. [Supervisor: Martin Silverman; Committee: Brian Elliott, Steven Straker]

AOYAGI, Hiroshi (1999) Islands of Eight-Million Smiles: Pop-Idol Performances and the Field of Symbolic Production. [Supervisor:Millie Creighton; Committee: Bill McKellin, Kenneth. Stoddart, Elvi Whittaker]

GOODFELLOW, Anne (1999) Language, Culture and Identity: Social and Cultural Aspects of Language Change in Two Kwakwala-Speaking Communities. [Supervisor: James Powell; Committee: Bill McKellin, Dalo Kinkade]

HILL, Warren (1999) Ballcourts, Competitive Games and the Emergence of Complex Society. [Supervisor: Michael Blake; Committee: R. G. Matson, Richard Pearson, J. Clark]

FURNISS, Elizabeth (1997) In the Spirit of the Pioneers: Historical Consciousness, Cultural Colonialism, and Indian/White Relations in Rural Canada. [Supervisor: Julie Cruikshank;Martin Silverman, Michael Kew, Blanca Muratorio]

MATTSON, Linda (1997) An Examination of the Systems of Authority of Three Canadian Museums. (Supervisor: Marjorie Halpin; Committee: Michael Kew, Kenneth. Stoddart)

MEARS, Bronwen (1997) Cultural Construction of Breast Cancer. [Supervisor: Elvi Whittaker; Committee: Bill McKellin, Nancy Waxler-Morrison]

NUTTALL, Denise (1997) Embodying Culture: Gurus, Disciples and Tabla Players. [Supervisor: Marjorie Halpin; Committee:Martin Silverman, S. Inglis]

APPELL, Virginia (1996) The Self-Employed Women's Association: Discourse and Ideology in Action. [Supervisor: Michael Ames; Committee:Martin Silverman, Elvi Whittaker]

GUO, Xiaolin (1996) Rice Ears and Cattle Tails: A Comparative Study of Rural Economy and Society in Yunnan, Southwest China. [Supervisor:Martin Silverman; Committee: Richard Pearson, Stevan Harrell]

FRENCH, Diana (1995) Ideology, Power and Politics: The Socio-Historical Implications of the Archaeology of the D'Arcy Island Leper Colony, 1897-1924. [Supervisor: Michael Blake; Committee: Michael Kew, Graham Johnson, D. Burley]

LEE, Patricia (1995) A New Procreation Story: The Contested Domain of the in vitro fertilization Pre-Embryo in British Columbia. [Supervisor: Elvi Whittaker; Committee: Bill McKellin, Nancy Waxler-Morrison]

LITTLEFIELD, Loraine (1995) Gender, Class and Community: The History of Sne-nay-muxw Women's Employment. [Supervisor: Michael Kew; Committee: Bruce Miller, Gillian Creese]

RYAN, Allan (1995) The Trickster Shift: A New Paradigm in Contemporary Canadian Native Art. [Supervisor: Marjorie Halpin; Committee: Bruce Miller, Robin Ridington]

FITZELL, Jill (1994) Cultural Colonialism and Ethnography: European Travellers in Nineteenth Century Ecuador. [Supervisor: Blanca Muratorio]

KACHUK, Patricia (1993) Irish Language Activism in West Belfast: A Resistance to British Cultural Hegemony. [Supervisor: Elvi Whittaker]

NODWELL, Evelyn (1993) "How Do You Integrate Indian Culture Into Your Life?" Second Generation Indo-Canadians and the Construction of 'Indian Culture' in Vancouver, Canada. [Supervisor: Michael Ames]

GREAVES, Sheila (1991) The Organization of Microcore Technology in the Canadian Southern Interior Plateau. [Supervisor: David Pokotylo]

RADERMACHER, Ulrike (1991) Containerdeutsche: Contemporary German Immigration to Australia and Canada. [Supervisor: Elvi Whittaker]

UNDERHILL P. Anne (1990) Changing Patterns of Pottery Production During the Longshan Period of Northern China, C.A. 2500-200 B.C.

RICHARDSON, Joanne (1989) "The Pleasures of Merely Circulation": The Interpretive Anthropology of Clifford Geerts and the "Postmodern" Anthropology of James Clifford: A Deconstructive Reading.

STEWART, Lynn Leslie (1989) "Our People are Like Gardens": Music, Performance and Aesthetics among the Lolo, West New Britain Province, Papua New Guinea.

GILL, Kuldip (1988) Health Strategies of Indo-Fijian Women in the Context of Fiji.

CRUIKSHANK, Julia (1987) Life Lived like a Story: Cultural Constructions of Life History by Tagish and Tutchone Women.

BOXBERGER, Daniel (1986) Resource Allocation and Control on the Lummi Indian Reservation: A Century of Conflict and Change in the Salmon Fishery.

BARKER, John (1985) Maisin Christianity: An Ethnography of the Contemporary Religion of a Seaboard Melanesian People.

CALKOWSKI, Marcia (1985) Power, Charisma, and Ritual Curing in a Tibetan Community in India.

COUPLAND, Gary (1985) Prehistoric Cultural Change at Kitselas Canyon.

DOSSA, Parin Aziz (1985) Ritual and Daily Life: Transmission and Interpretation of the Ismaili Tradition in Vancouver.

MCDONALD, James Andrew (1985) Trying to Make a Life: The Historical Political Economy of Kitsumkalum.

PIDDOCKE, Stuart (1985) Land, Community, Corporation: Intercultural Correlation between Ideas of Land in Dene and Inuit Tradition and in Canadian Law.

FOULDS, John Simon (1984) Inflammatory Bowel Disease as a Cultural Artifact: An Ethnography of the Politics of Suffering.

INGLIS, Stephen Robert (1984) Creators and Consecrators: A Potter Community of South India.

WILLMS, Dennis G. (1984) Epistemological Relevances in Community-Based Health Care Programmes in the Republic of Kenya.

WOOD, Marjorie Rodgers (1984) Social Service Agents and Indo-Canadian Immigrants in Vancouver: Implications of Models of Social Exchange for Intercultural Transactions.

MAGNE, Martin Paul Robert (1983) Lithics and Livelihood: Stone Tool Technologies of Central and Southern Interior B.C.

MIYANAGA, Kuniko (1983) Social Reproduction and Transcendence: An Analysis of the Sekai Mahikari Bunmei Kyodan, a Heterodox Religious Movement in Contemporary Japan.

BODDY, Janice Patricia (1982) Parallel Worlds: Humans, Spirits, and ZAR Possession in Rural Northern Sudan.

DIZON, Jesus A. N. (1982) Taman Kampung Kuantan: A Study of Malay Urban Participation in West Malaysia.

HAM, Leonard Charles (1982) Seasonality, Shell Midden Layers, and Coast Salish Subsistence Activities at the Crescent Beach Site, DgRr 1.

JOY, Annamma (1982) Accommodation and Cultural Persistence: The Case of the Sikhs and the Portuguese in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia.

PECK, Pamela Janice (1982) Missionary Analogues: The Descriptive Analysis of a Development Aid Program in Fiji.

JORGENSEN, Dan (1981) Taro and Arrows: Order, Entropy, and Religion among the Telefolmin.

JUDD, Ellen R. (1981) A Study of Directed Change in Chinese Literature and Art.

LEGROS, Dominique (1981) Structure Socio-Culturelle et Rapports de Domination Chez les Indiens Tutchone Septentrionaux du Yukon au Dix-Neuvieme Siecle.

REID, Martine Jeanne (1981) La Ceremonie Hamatsa des Kwagul: Approche Structuraliste des Rapports Mythe-Rituel.

CALVERT, Sheila (1980) A Cultural Analysis of Faunal Remains from Three Archaeological Sites in Hesquiat Harbour, B.C.

REYNOLDS, Terry Ray (1979) Residential Ideology and Practice among the Sheep Springs Navajo.

FARBER, Carole (1978) Prolegomenon to an Understanding of the Jatra of India: The Travelling Popular Theatre of the State of West Bengal.

LAYTON, Monique Jacqueline Berthe (1978) Street Women and Their Verbal Transactions: Some Aspects of the Oral Culture of Female Prostitute Drug Addicts.

POKOTYLO David Leslie (1978) Lithic Technology and Settlement Patterns in Upper Hat Creek Valley, B.C.

MONKS, Gregory Gerald (1977) Examination of Relationships between Artifact Classes and Food Resource Remains at Deep Bay, DiSe 7.

PRITCHARD, John Charles (1977) Economic Development and the Disintegration of Traditional Culture among the Haisla.

CLARKE, Robert Ebersole (1976) Land and Neighbourhood as Features of Malay Urbanism.

MITCHELL, Marjorie Ruth (1976) Women, Poverty, and Housing: Some Consequences of Hinterland Status for a Coast Salish Indian Reserve in Metropolitan Canada.

PHILIBERT, Jean-Marc (1976) La Bonne vie: Le Reve et la Realite: Changements Socio-Culturels aux Nouvelles-Hebrides.

REID, K. S. (1976) The Origins of the Tsetsequa in the Baxus: A Study of Kwakiutl Prayers, Myths and Ritual.

LEROY, John D. (1975) Kewa Reciprocity: Cooperation and Exchange in a New Guinea Highland Culture.

MCDONNELL, Roger Francis (1975) Kasini Society: Some Aspects of the Social Organization of an Athapaskan Culture between 1900-1950.

LAFORET, Andrea Lynne (1974) Folk History in a Small Canadian Community.

LEVY, Richard (1974) Cross-Cultural Assessment of Similarities in Interior Salish Myth Content.

MCDOWELL, Paul Vance (1974) Political and Religious Change in a Guatemalan Community.

KOBRINSKY, Vernon Harris (1973) Ethnohistory and Ceremonial Representation of Carrier Social Structure.

HALPIN, Marjorie Myers (1973) The Tsimshian Crest System: A Study Based on Museum Specimens and the Marius Barbeau and William Beynon Field Notes.

RYAN, Joan (1973) Squamish Socialization.

STEVENSON, David (1972) The Social Organization of the Clyde Inlet Eskomos.

TONKINSON, Robert (1972) Da:Wajil: A Western Desert Aboriginal Rainmaking Ritual.

COVE, John James (1971) Comparative Approach to Decision-Making: Risk-Taking by Fishing Boat Captains in Two Canadian Fleets.

INGLIS, Gordon Bahan (1970) Canadian Indian Reserve: Community, Population, and Social System.

PRATTIS, James Ian (1970) Dilemmas in Decision making: A Methodological Test Case in Economic Anthropology.

SCHWIMMER, Erik Gabriel (1970) Exchange in the Social Structure of the Orokaiva.

MA Theses

BALE, Martin (1999) Prehistoric Settlement and Production in the Nam River Valley, South Korea. [Supervisor: Richard Pearson; Committee: Michael Blake]

GLASS, Aaron (1999) The Intention of Tradition: Contemporary Contexts and Contests of the Kwakwaka'wakw Hamat'sa Dance. [Supervisor: Bruce Miller; Committee: R. Ruth Philips]

MCLAY, Eric (1999) The Diversity of Northwest Coast Shell Middens: Late Pre-Contact Settlement-Subsistence Patterns on Valdes Island, British Columbia. [Supervisor: R.G. Matson; Committee: David Pokotylo]

ROTH, Maria (1999) A Mystory About Wilson Duff: Northwest Coast Anthropology. [Supervisor: Marjorie Halpin; Committee: Kenneth. Stoddart]

TAYLOR, Jennet (1999) The Tufuga's Fale Tele: Constructing social Relation in the Samoan built Environment. [Supervisor:Martin Silverman]

YOUNG, Jean (1999) Alternative Genders in the Coast Salish World: Paradox and Pattern. [Supervisor: Bruce Miller; Committee: Becki Ross]

BUTLER, Caroline (1998) Regulating Tradition: Sto:lo Wind Drying and Aboriginal Rights. [Supervisor: Charles Menzies; Committee: Bruce Miller]

CHEETHAM, David (1998) Interregional Interaction, Symbol Emulation, and the Emergence of Socio-Political Inequality in the Central Maya Lowlands. [Supervisor: Michael Blake; Committee: Richard Pearson]

HIWASAKI, Lisa (1998) Presenting Unity, Performing Diversity: Sto:lo Identity Negotiations in Venues of Cultural Representation. [Supervisor: Elvi Whittaker; Committee: Charles Menzies]

MACFADDEN, Megan (1998) Engendering Visions of Modernity. [Supervisor: Blanca Muratorio; Committee: Charles Menzies]

MCMULLEN, Cindy (1998) Bringing the Good Feelings Back; Imagining Sto:lo Justice. [Supervisor: Bruce Miller; Committee: Charles Menzies]

ROSENSWIG, Robert (1998) A Comparison of Early and Middle Formative Political Development In the Soconusco and Valley of Oaxada: Settlement, Mortuary and Architectural Patterns. [Supervisor: Michael Blake; Committee: Richard Pearson]

TUBUTIS, Todd (1998) Filming a Makah Village for Jim Jarmusch's Dead Man. [Supervisor: Julie Cruikshank; Committee: Marjorie Halpin]

UPTON, Sian (1998) Expatriates in Papua New Guinea: Constructions of Expatriates in Canadian Oral Narratives. [Supervisor: John Barker; Committee:Martin Silverman]

DEVINNEY, Eileen (1997) Consultation, Collaboration and Community Participation: The Archaeological Evacuation of Two Prehistoric Inupiaq Burials at Kotzebure, Alaska. [Supervisor: Michael Kew; Committee: Julie Cruikshank]

MORRISON, Sandra (1997) Household Archaeology at the Scowlitz Site, Fraser Valley, B.C. [Supervisor: David Pokotylo; Committee: Michael Blake]

PARRY, Alison (1997) "Their Works Do Follow Them": Tlingit Women and Presbyterian Missions. [Supervisor: Bruce Miller; Committee: Robin Ridington]

ANDREWS, Kenneth (1996) Meaning and Process in Experiential Education: The Wilderness Expedition as a Rite of Passage. [Supervisor: Elvi Whittaker; Committee: James Powell, W. Werner]

BROWN, Douglas (1996) Disposing of the Dead: A Shell Midden Cemetery in British Columbia's Gulf of Georgia Region. [Supervisor: R.G. Matson; Committee: Michael Blake]

JACKSON, Dawn (1996) Tsaagwaa Yeigi in the Spirit of the Hood Bay Family: Repatriation of a Tlingit Burial Chest. [Supervisor: Michael Ames; Committee: Julie Cruikshank]

JOHNSON, Ingrid (1996) Southern Yukon Beadwork Objects: A Narrative of Reclaiming Culture. [Supervisor: Bruce Miller]

WASHBROOK, Kevin (1996) Negotiating the Nature of Nature: A Cultural Models Approach to Meaning, Motivation and Cooperative Resource Management in the Yukon. [Supervisor: Michael Kew]

BEATTIE, William Grant (1995) Archaeological Landscapes of the Lower Mainland, British Columbia: A Settlement Study Using a Geographic Information System. [Supervisor: R. G. Matson]

CRONIN, Allison (1995) Collections Documentation: The Art of Mrs. Gertie Tom. [Supervisor: Julie Cruikshank; Committee: Michael Kew]

HELWEG, Priya (1995) "Why Shouldn't We Live in Technicolor Like Everybody Else..." - Evolving Traditions: Professional Northwest Coast First Nations Women Artists. [Supervisor: Marjorie Halpin; Committee: Bruce Miller]

HISE, Beth (1995) Making the New Museology Work: A Critical Review of Exhibition Development at the Australian Museum, Sydney. [Supervisor: Julie Cruikshank; Committee: Michael Ames]

KARAJAOJA, Ritva (1995) Commoditization of Indigenous Cultures Through Tourism. [Supervisor: Kenneth. Stoddart; Committee:Millie Creighton, Elvi Whittaker]

LABENSKI, Edward (1995) "We Begin This Work to Call Together Witnesses": The Memory of the Second World War in Sto:Lo Communities, 1993-1995. [Supervisor: Robin Ridington; Committee: Bruce Miller]

LITTLE, Tamara (1995) Reaffirming Cultural Identity: A Case Study of Sto:lo Pithouse Reconstructions. [Supervisor: Marjorie Halpin; Committee: Michael Ames]

MCILWRAITH, Thomas Tad (1995) Constructions of Local and Pan-Indian Elements in Contemporary Sto:lo Identity. [Supervisor: Bruce Miller; Committee: John Barker]

THOM, Brian (1995) The Dead and the Living: Burial Mounds and Cairns and the Development of Social Classes in the Gulf of Georgia Region. [Supervisor: R.G. Matson; Committee: Bruce Miller]

TUYTTENS, Deborah (1995) Mabel Stanley: Contributions to the Community Collaborative Development of a Museum Exhibit. [Supervisor: Julie Cruikshank; Committee: Michael Kew]

BRAND, Michael (1994) Prehistoric Anasazi Diet: A Synthesis of Archaeological Evidence. [Supervisor: R.G. Matson; Committee: Michael Blake]

COLE, Susan (1994) Voices of First Nations Women: Their Politics and Political Organizing in Vancouver, British Columbia. [Supervisor: Bruce Miller]

FOWLER, Robin (1994) Gendered Mobility: One Woman's Story. [Supervisor: Bruce Miller]

MASON, Andrew (1994) The Hatzic Rock site: A Charles Culture Settlement. [Supervisor: David Pokotylo]

MCCONKEY, Mary (1994) Women's Religious Roles in Coast Salish Societies: A Re-examination. [Supervisor: Bruce Miller]

PANNUN, Amarjit (1994) Pardesan Ka Kam: An Essay on Punjabi-Sikh Women Cannery Workers in Northern British Columbia. [Supervisor: Michael Ames]

BROWN Pamela (1993) Cannery Days: A Chapter in the Lives of the Heiltsuik. [Supervisor: Julie Cruikshank]

DUBOIS, Marie-France (1993) South Asian Women in Canada and Media Discourse: A Feminist Collaborative Analysis. [Supervisor: Elvi Whittaker; Committee: Bruce Miller]

EVANS, Randall (1993) Poverty and Profits: A Case Study of Jamaica Tourism. (non-thesis MA) [Supervisor: John Barker; Committee: Halpin]

FEDDEMA, Vicki (1993) Early Formative Subsistence and Agriculture in Southeastern Mesoamerica. [Supervisor: Michael Blake; Committee: Richard Pearson, Siemens]

FENN, Catherine (1993) Life History of a Collection: The Tahltan Materials Collected by James A. Tait. [Supervisor: Julie Cruikshank; Committee: Michael Kew]

GARVEY, Charlene (1993) Who Shall Remain Nameless?: Makers and Collectors in MOA's Nuu-Chah-Nulth Basketry Collection.

HOBIN, Christine (1993) Savage Graces and Curious Faces. (non-thesis MA) [Supervisor: John Barker; Committee: Bruce Miller]

HOWARD, Carol (1993) Being Positive: Women Living with HIV and AIDS in British Columbia. [Supervisor: Elvi Whittaker; Committee: Nancy Waxler-Morrison, Bill McKellin]

NORDLUND, Elizabeth (1993) Adoption in the Seabird Island Band. [Supervisor: Michael Kew]

SHEEHAN, Deborah (1993) (non-thesis MA) NO PAPER ON FILES. [Supervisor: Robin Ridington; Committee: Bruce Miller]

ZIMMERMAN, Kate (1993) In Search of the Myth in History: The Narrative of the Quest from Sacred to Secular. [Supervisor: Elvi Whittaker; Committee: Julie Cruikshank]

FITZPATRICK, Michael (1992) Reflexivity in the Writing of Max Weber and Clifford Geertz. (non-thesis MA) [Supervisor: John Barker; Committee: Halpin]

GOODFELLOW, Anne (1992) Missions as Museums, and Objects as Madness: Power Collecting and the Social Construction of Museum Artifacts. (non-thesis MA) [Supervisor: James Powell; Committee: Michael Kew]

PRATT, Heather (1992) The Charles Culture of the Gulf of Georgia: A Re-Evaluation of the Culture and Its Three Sub-Phases. [Supervisor: R.G. Matson; Committee: David Pokotylo]

GRENON, Gordon Lee (1991) Stigma at Work: The Consequence of Disability and Gender Inequality.

LINCOLN, Leslie (1991) Paddle to Seattle: A Native Washington Movement to "Bring Them Canoes Back Home". [Supervisor: Michael Kew; Committee: James Powell, Robin Ridington]

MAJOR, Dominique (1991) Field Collecting and Museum Exhibiting: The Political Implications of Representation in Museums. [Supervisor: Michael Ames; Committee: Robin Ridington, Helga Jacobson]

MILLAR, Roderick (1991) The Pre-Conquest Roman Penetration of Southeastern Britain. [Supervisor: Michael Blake]

PERKINS, A. Elena (1991) The Native Youth Project. [Supervisor: Michael Ames; Committee: Robin Ridington, Michael Kew]

RYAN, Michael (1991) Political Change in an Ancient Mesoamerican Community: Kaminaljuyu Within the Valley of Guatemala (500 B.C.-- A.D. 1000). [Supervisor: Michael Blake; Committee: David Pokotylo, Richard Pearson]

SHAW, Pelly (1991) From"Sexual Antagonism" to "Domination": The Discourse of Gender in the Ethnography of Papua New Guinea. [Supervisor: John Barker; Committee: Helga Jacobson, Bill McKellin]

HAAGEN, Claudia (1990) Strategies for Cultural Maintenance: Aboriginal Cultural Education Programs and Centres in Canada. [Supervisor: Michael Ames; Committee: Robin Ridington, Atleo]

HOLM, Margaret (1990) Prehistoric Northwest Coast Art: A Stylistic Analysis of the Archaeological Record. [Supervisor: R. G. Matson; Committee: Halpin, Michael Kew]

ANDERSON, Lorna (1989) Double Masks of the Northwest Coast of America in Museum Collections. [Supervisor: Michael Kew; Committee: Stott, John Barker]

KORNBACHER, Kimberly (1989) Shell Midden Lithic Technology: An Investigation of Change at British Camp (45SJ24), San Juan Island. [Supervisor: David Pokotylo; Committee: R. G. Matson, Stein]

STANGER, Elizabeth (1989) The Catholic Women's Network. [Supervisor: Elvi Whittaker; Committee: Ken Burridge, John Barker, Bill McKellin]

STARK, Ken (1989) Wealth and Power in Yayoi Period Northern Kyushu. [Supervisor: Richard Pearson; Committee: David Pokotylo, Michael Blake]

BARAZZUOL, Richard (1988) The Tlingit Land Otter Complex: Coherence in the Social and Shamanic Order. [Supervisor: Robin Ridington; Committee: Guedon, Halpin]

BENNETT, Diane (1988) Still at Odds: Highly Educated Women and Marriage. [Supervisor: Michael Ames; Committee: Elvi Whittaker, Neil Guppy]

HULL, Susan Hall (1988) The Fighting Spirit of Hip Hop: An Alternative Ghetto Experience. [Supervisor: Michael Ames; Committee: James Powell, Cunningham]

LANDO, Peter Louis (1988) The Socio-History of the Units of Kwakiutl Property Tenure. [Supervisor: Michael Ames; Committee: John Barker, Ken Burridge]

LAVALLEE, Guy (1988) The Metis People of St. Laurent, Manitoba: An Introductory Ethnology. [Supervisor: Elvi Whittaker; Committee: James Powell, Ken Burridge]

BURNARD, Linda (1987) Metes and Bounds: A Search for Archaeological Indicators of Hunter-Gatherer Territoriality. [Supervisor: R.G. Matson; Committee: David Pokotylo, David Aberle]

FURNISS, Elizabeth (1987) A Sobriety Movement among the Shuswap Indians of Alkali Lake. [Supervisor: Michael Kew, David Aberle; Committee: Nancy Waxler-Morrison]

KACHUK, Patricia (1987) Irish Ethnic Consciousness: An Anthropological View of Its Awakening, Its Maintenance, and Its Perpetuation in Northern Ireland. [Supervisor: Elvi Whittaker; Committee: Helga Jacobson, D. Schweitzer]

KOTARSKI, Joan (1987) The Influence of the Self-Image on the Behaviour of Entrepreneurial women. [Supervisor: Elvi Whittaker; Committee: Cyril Belshaw, Michael Kew]

MCINTOSH, Jean (1987) Mark Mosher's Reconstruction of the Development of the Woodworkers Union in the Alberni Valley 1935-1950: A Participant's History. [Supervisor: Michael Ames; Committee: Stott, Elvi Whittaker]

CRANNY, Michael (1986) Carrier Settlement and Subsistence in the Chinlac/Cluculz Lake Area of Central British Columbia. [Supervisor: R.G. Matson; Committee: Richard Pearson, Michael Kew, A. Ray]

FULBRIGHT, Timothy (1986) The Marching Rule: A Christian Revolution in the Solomon Islands. [Supervisor: Ken Burridge; Committee: David Aberle,Martin Silverman]

LEGARE, Evelyn (1986) Women's Access to Power: A Continuous Area Study. [Supervisor: David Aberle, Michael Kew; Committee: Stott]

SOUX, Susan (1986) A Transactional Quest for Health. [Supervisor: Cyril Belshaw; Committee: N. Wasler-Morrison, Elvi Whittaker]

FISHER, Lizanne (1985) Big Beaver: The Celebration of a Contemporary Totem Pole by Norman Tait, Nishga. [Supervisor: Halpin; Committee: Michael Ames, Guedon]

LANGRICK, Helena (1985) An Anthropological Perspective on the Role of Chinese Trade Ceramics in the Prehistory of a Philippine Culture. [Supervisor: Richard Pearson; Committee: R.G. Matson, Elvi Whittaker]

LEPOFSKY, Dana (1985) An Integrated Approach to Studying Settlement Systems on the Northwest Coast: The Nuxalk of Bella Coola, B.C. [Supervisor: Michael Kew; Committee: Richard Pearson, Kuhnlein]

ROMALIS, Sheila (1985) The Tupilaq: Image and Label: Understanding East Greenland Carvings. [Supervisor: Michael Kew; Committee: Ken Burridge, Geudon]

ROZEN, David (1985) Place-Names of the Island Halkomelem Indian People. [Supervisor: Michael Kew; Committee: Robin Ridington, Dalo Kinkade]

Stevenson, Ann (1985) Changing Tides: The Development of an Archaeological Exhibit. [Supervisor: R.G. Matson; Committee: Michael Ames, Michael Kew]

STIEFEL, Sheryl Kay (1985) The Subsistence Economy of the Locarno Beach Culture (3300-2400 B.P.). [Supervisor: R.G. Matson; Committee: David Pokotylo, Fredericks]

CANT, Daphne Grace (1984) The Chiefly Classes in the Kingdom of Tonga. [Supervisor: Cyril Belshaw; Committee: Braxton Alfred,Martin Silverman]

HUBER, Walter (1984) From Millennia to the Millennium: An Anthropological History of Bastar State. [Supervisor: Ken Burridge; Committee: Michael Ames, Elvi Whittaker]

LUCAS, Janet (1984) Exploring the Geometric Horizon: Interregional Interaction and Local Evolution. [Supervisor: Richard Pearson; Committee: R.G. Matson, E. Pulleyblank (Asian St.)]

OWSANECKI, Peter (1984) "Kanni-Mangala": A Microcosm of Coorg Identity toward an Alternative Interpretation and Analysis of the Coorg Marriage Ceremony. [Supervisor: Ken Burridge; Committee: Pugh, Elvi Whittaker]

WAKE, Drew Ann (1984) Class and State in the Canadian Petroleum Industry. [Supervisor: Marchak; Committee: David Aberle, Blanca Muratorio, A. Thompson]

CAVANAGH, Deborah (1983) Northwest Coast Whaling: A New Perspective. [Supervisor: Michael Kew; Committee: David Pokotylo, Robin Ridington]

DUFFEK, Karen Erica (1983) The Contemporary Northwest Coast Indian Art Market. [Supervisor: Michael Ames; Committee: Halpin, Elvi Whittaker]

KATZ-LAHAIGUE, Vanina (1983) Shamanic Content in the Art of Clayoquot Artist: Joe David "Ka-Ka-Win-Chealth" (Supernatural White Wolf Transforming into Whale). [Supervisor: Guedon; committee: Robin Ridington, Stott]

KINGSCOTT, Anne Underhill (1983) A Mortuary Analysis of the Dawenkou Cemetery Site, Shandong, China. [Supervisor: Richard Pearson; Committee: R.G. Matson, David Pokotylo]

KUPROWSKY, Stephan (1983) The Practice of Chinese Medicine in the Contemporary Urban Context: Herbalism in Vancouver's Chinatown. [Supervisor: Johnson; Committee: Pugh, Robin Ridington, Elvi Whittaker]

LUDOWCICZ, Deanna (1983) Assemblage Variation Associated with Southwestern Interior Plateau Microblade Technology. [Supervisor: David Pokotylo; Committee: David Aberle, R.G. Matson]

PATNAIK, Vineetha (1983) Family Value Portrayals in Journal Advertising: A Comparison of North American and Tamil Magazine Advertisements. [Supervisor: Beck; Committee: Elvi Whittaker, R. Pollay (commerce)]

BERRINGER, Patricia (1982) Northwest Coast Traditional Salmon Fisheries Systems of Resource Utilization. [Supervisor: Ken Burridge; Committee: Braxton Alfred, Michael Kew]

BRAUN, Nickolai (1982) Community Ideology and the Ideology of Community: The Orokaiva Case. [Supervisor: Ken Burridge; Committee: LeRoy,Martin Silverman]

GILL, Kuldip (1982) A Canadian Sikh Wedding as a Cultural Performance. [Supervisor: Michael Ames; Committee: Cyril Belshaw, Helga Jacobson, Pugh]

PEDLAR, David (1982) A Study of Domestic Service in Canada. [Supervisor: Martin Meissner; Committee: Neil Guppy, Helga Jacobson]

RICHARDSON, Joanne (1982) "The Miracle is to Make It Solid": An Analysis of Transformation in Bella Coola Myth and Ritual. [Supervisor: Ken Burridge; Committee: Geudon, LeRoy]

FISKE, Jo-Anne (1981) And Then We Prayed Again: Carrier Women, Colonialism and Mission Schools. [Supervisor: Guedon; Committee: Michael Kew, Robin Ridington,Martin Silverman]

LEE, Beverley (1981) Strangers and Sense Making: An Ethnography of Japanese Housewives. [Supervisor: Elvi Whittaker; Committee: Howes, Helga Jacobson

VALLANCE, Julie Anne (1981) The Internal Dynamics of the Community Museum. [Supervisor: Michael Ames; Committee: Halpin,Martin Silverman]

BERSON, Seemah Cathline (1980) The Immigrant Experience: Personal Recollections of Jewish Garment Workers in Canada, 1900-1930. [Supervisor: Halpin; Committee:Martin Silverman, Kenneth. Stoddart]

LEAVITT, Roy Lee (1980) Jain Values, Worship and the Tirthankara Image. [Supervisor: Pugh; Committee: Halpin, Richardo Muratorio]

MOOGK, Susan (1980) The Wolf Masks of the Nootka Wolf Ritual: A Statement on Transformation. [Supervisor: Halpin; Committee: Beck, Guedon, Richardo Muratorio]

WILLIAMS, Anne Melita (1980) Carl Borden and Archaeology in British Columbia: An Interactive History. [Supervisor: Elvi Whittaker; Committee: Michael Ames, Michael Kew, David Pokotylo]

DARLING, Gillian (1979) Merit Feasting among the Kalash Kafirs of North Western Pakistan.

FILTEAU, Carolyn (1979) Kali Worship and Its Implications for the Study of Bengali Women.

PARKER, Michael (1979) Men, Money and Machines: The Making of a Modern Society in Highland New Guinea.

WALLACE-DEERING, Kathleen (1979) An Ethnography of the Nuclear Disarmament Movement.

GOULD, Sheila Arlene (1978) Dream and Reality among Five North American Indian Peoples: An Examination of the Literature.

SALO, Allan (1978) The Kalevan Kansa Colonization Company, Limited: A Finnish-Canadian Millenarian Movement in British Columbia.

SHANE, Audrey (1978) Shadow and Substance: A Computer Assisted Study of Niska and Gitksan Totem Poles.

VON HOPFFGARTEN, Daphne (1978) The Haida Raven: A Zoological and Symbolic Interpretation.

LO, Shyh-Charng (1977) Review of Lungshanoid Sites Using Cluster Analysis and Multidimensional Scaling.

MCLAREN, Carol (1977) Unmasking Frontlet Headdresses: An Iconographic Study of Images in Northern Northwest Coast Ceremonial Headdresses.

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