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1. Matson, R.G., William D. Lipe, and William R. Haase IV (1990). Human Adaptations on Cedar Mesa, Southeastern Utah. Link to UBC cIRcle site.

2. Matson, R.G. and Michael Brand, Editors (1995). Exploring Anasazi Origins: The Cedar Mesa Basketmaker II. Report on the 1991/2 Fieldwork. PDF

3. Chisholm, Brian and R.G. Matson (2007). Basketmaker II Subsistence. Poster presented at 72nd Annual Meeting, Society for American Archaeology, Austin, Texas, April 26. PDF

4. Matson, R.G. and Martin P.R. Magne (2007). Appendices for Athapaskan Migrations: The Archaeology of Eagle Lake, British Columbia. University of Arizona Press, Tucson. Link to UBC cIRcle site.

5. Matson, R.G., Editor (2010). The Crescent Beach site and the Place of the Locarno Beach Phase. Link to PDFs

6. Matson, R.G., Joanne Green and Eric McLay (1999). Houses and Households in the Gulf of Georgia: Archaeological Investigations of Shingle Point (DgRv 2), Valdes Island, British Columbia. Link to Part 1 and Part 2