Use of Photographs of Fieldwork

Conditions of Use

The Laboratory of Archaeology (LOA) will consider requests for one-time use only and use is limited to what has been specifically approved in the application.  Images may not be altered in any way.  Payment of usage or duplication fees does not constitute purchase of an image or photograph, and all source materials must be returned to LOA after the project is completed.

LOA reserves the right to reject proposals that do not fall within its mandate; subject the collections or the cultures from which they come to misrepresentation or disrespect; do not have the approval of the applicable First Nations groups; or for which the LOA does not have adequate staff resources.

The UBC Laboratory of Archaeology and if requested, the applicable First Nations groups, must be correctly identified according to the information provided by LOA.  Acknowledgements must read:  Courtesy UBC Laboratory of Archaeology, Vancouver, Canada.  If requested by the LOA, the applicable First Nations group will also be acknowledged.

Who considers requests for the use of photographs of fieldwork from the LOA collections?

Requests for the use of photographs of fieldwork from the collections in the Laboratory of Archaeology (LOA) are considered by the LOA Committee.  Requests should be made in writing to the Archaeology Curatorial Research Assistant.

How can I find out if photographs of a specific excavation are in the LOA collection?

Contact the Archaeology Curatorial Research Assistant.

Who holds copyright to photographs of fieldwork in the LOA collections?

LOA owns copyright to many photographs of fieldwork conducted by the LOA, however, copyright for some photographs are held by others. It is the responsibility of the applicant to obtain permission from copyright holders.

Are any other permissions required? 

LOA may require an applicant to seek permission from applicable First Nations groups for reproduction of photographs of particular artifacts or features.  Also, applicant may not use photographs of any persons without written permission of the individual.

How can I find out who holds copyright to a particular photograph? 

If the photographs are in the doucmentation collections in the LOA, LOA can advise who holds copyright .  Contact the Archaeology Curatorial Research Assistant.