The Ethnographic Film Unit

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The Ethnographic Film Unit, we are an anthropological digital video production unit at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. Our primary focus is film production and research. The Film Unit draws upon the combined strengths of anthropologists, filmmakers, students, and community members.

We use the language of documentary video to explore issues of environmentally and socially responsible resource use that prioritizes collaborative community-based practice. The videos are an active research tool; a catalyst for conversation and for deeper enquiry. They are also end products – broadcast-quality videos for use in highschool and university classrooms, conferences, workshops, and film festivals.

Many of our films are accompanied by turn-key curriculum kits that fulfill BC highschool intended learning outcomes.

The Department of Anthropology offers an ethnographic film methods course (ANTH 478) as part of the Department’s regular curriculum. Students interested in this course should consult with the Department of Anthropology as to the scheduling of the course. Further details about the course can be found here.


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