Transfer Credits

Students may apply for UBC Anthropology credit for courses taken at other institutions. UBC encourages students to take courses away from UBC via accredited programs such as Go Global, or to pursue field school opportunities not available at UBC. Please consult the Faculty of Arts information page.

If you are considering applying to transfer anthropology credits to UBC, please contact the Anthropology Undergraduate Office in advance, and fill out the Transfer of Credits Request form, available here. You can appeal for credit retroactively, but it is prudent to check prior to registration to ensure you will receive the credits you expect. The following rules apply:

  • The transfer of credits to UBC is assessed by UBC Admissions. UBC only accepts transfers from accredited institutions (primarily other universities or colleges). Please be warned that some quasi-institutions may offer courses (especially field schools) that do not qualify for transfer credit to UBC. Eligibility can be assessed prior to registration, so please contact the Anthropology Undergraduate Office or Arts Advising before you register for a course outside of UBC.
  • UBC Admissions provides the transfer credit and anthropological course equivalency for the credit. This is done based on both established transfer agreements and similarity to the UBC Calendar. In the absence of specific similarities, courses are transferred in as general credits by level (i.e. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th year). If you receive Anthropology credits for a course that does not match your expectations, you may request a review from the Anthropology Undergraduate Student Committee (send your request to the Anthropology Undergraduate Office). We have some latitude in changing the transfer credit designations if warranted.  We will need to see a syllabus to evaluate a course. Remember, we cannot change the admissibility of a course to UBC, only what Anthropology credit it is equivalent to. The designation of transfer credits can become important as you meet your degree requirements, so please contact us if you have questions.
  • We also have some latitude in designating which Anthropology courses meet which Anthropology degree requirements.  For example, the winter 2014 version of ANTH 303C (Andean Archaeology) can be taken as meeting either the archaeology or 3 credits of the ethnography requirements (not both).