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Archeology Anyang Field School 2016

Travel the world and have it count towards your anthropology degree!

Imagine studying Indigenous anthropology in Australia, learning about Māori culture in New Zealand, or taking part in a group field study archaeological dig in China. All of this and more is possible with UBC’s Go Global international learning programs.

Go Global and the Anthropology Department have worked closely together to identify study abroad opportunities for Anthropology students. Study abroad opportunities include: Exchange, International Internships, Research Abroad, Global Seminars, International Service Learning and more.

Read about the international experiences of past Anthropology students here.

Why Go Global as a Part of Your Anthropology Degree?

  • Explore your Anthropology degree from a different perspective and gain access to courses you would not have access to at UBC.
  • Get an edge in the workforce, as more and more industries value cross-cultural competencies and international experience.
  • Experience another country as a student and not just a tourist.
  • Become globally aware, grow and develop as a person, and gain cross-cultural understanding.

Go Global Exchange: Where to Start

Go Global has partner universities in over 35 countries, with some of our partners offering programs and courses that will complement and enhance your UBC Anthropology degree. You can explore all of Go Global’s partner institutions by visiting Go Global’s partner pages, or see below for a list of universities that have been recommended by the Anthropology Department. Once you’ve completed your research on available programs, you should submit an application with your top three university choices.

Mapping your Exchange for your Anthropology degree

Study abroad for Anthropology majors is recommended for students during your third year, after you have completed your lower-level Anthropology requirements (found on the UBC academic calendar). This foundation will allow you to better appreciate differences in psychological perspectives around the world and to cope with any differences in teaching styles that you may encounter. Generally, credits taken abroad will contribute to your upper-level Anthropology major requirements. However, there are still a variety of credits that may also count towards lower-level requirements.

As an alternative, students may also want to consider taking courses outside your Anthropology degree requirements, but which count towards your elective credits.

We would encourage Anthropology students to take note of the requirements for all of the Anthropology major, minor and honors programs prior to international exchanges.

Below are some guidelines to help you determine if a course abroad is equivalent to a UBC upper year ANTH course:

  • Is the course offered by the Anthropology department in the partner university?
  • Does it have a lower level requirement?
  • Is it offered as an upper year course abroad?

Where to study abroad?

The following universities have numerous courses pre-approved for transfer credit (universities listed below are subject to change). For a list of courses that can be transferred back as Anthropology credits at the following institutions, as well as many others, visit Go Global’s website.


  • Universiteit Leiden
  • University of Copenhagen
  • University of Edinburgh
  • University of Western Australia
  • University of Sussex
  • Sophia University
  • University of Melbourne

Archaeology Minor

  • University College Dublin
  • University of Glasgow
  • University College London
  • Australia National University
  • University of Auckland

Other ways to Go Global


Research Abroad

Conduct research abroad at one of our 150 partner universities worldwide. Students may choose to embark on self-directed research abroad programs or structured research abroad programs. Research abroad allows undergraduates to learn new techniques, build your career as well as network and engage with other cultures.

For more information, please visit the Research Abroad webpage.

Global Seminars

Take a UBC course led by a faculty member alongside a small group of peers abroad to experience hands-on learning. Each course is unique in location, length, and cost. Immerse yourself in another part of the world and bring course content to life. Visit the Global Seminars page to browse through a list of our programs.

International Service Learning

UBC’s International Service Learning (ISL) program allows you to contribute towards important projects led by community partners around the world. By taking part in ISL, you connect your academic studies with real-world experience. This opportunity fosters meaningful connections with communities around the world and will help you discover the local impact of global issues. You will also become engaged in a continuous cycle of learning, action and critical reflection.

Summer Abroad

Spend the summer studying in an exciting international location without interrupting your winter semester course load. Take an intensive, focused course at another institution that you would not otherwise be able to take within your UBC degree.

Visit the Summer Abroad page to browse through a list of available programs.

Get started today

Meet Go Global Alumni

Nicole AleongNicole
Specialization: Anthropology Major
Exchange Destination: University of Copenhagen

My term abroad allowed me to do exactly what anthropologists love to do: meet new people and experience the world. As an anthropology student I knew that participating, rather than only observing, was going to be the best way to experience Danish culture. I was determined to learn about Danish culture from Danes, and my breakthrough came when I decided to join the annual student-produced play. By immersing myself with a group of Danes I challenged myself to learn a new language, become friends with strangers, and perform in a faculty-wide production. While the University of Copenhagen offers some truly enriching courses that complemented my studies at UBC, the joy of my experience came from interacting with people who taught me what it means to be twenty-two in Denmark. At first I was an international student trying to make friends; soon I became an anthropology student organizing potlucks and cast parties. Looking back it sounds crazy that I joined a play in a foreign language. But getting involved and being bold was the best decision I ever made.



Carmen Tiampo
Specialization: Anthropology and Creative Writing Double Major
Exchange Destination: University of Western Australia

My year abroad in Perth, Australia was a time of intense growth for me. At the beginning, I felt incredibly isolated in a town as far from anything as I had ever been. I was literally on the opposite side of the globe from my family! Pretty soon, I made a bunch of friends and what felt like seconds later, I was back in Canada. The University of Western Australia is one of Australia`s top schools, and having the opportunity to study anthropology there was amazing. I learned a lot about Australia, but more about myself as a student, as an adult, and as a person. UWA’s program focused on things I never would have gotten to learn about if I stayed Vancouver. Perth is about as far from Sydney as Vancouver is from Toronto – which means it’s that much easier to get really involved in the Perth lifestyle! I was about to check out the night scene in Northbridge, have a picnic in Kings Park, try all the fish and chips places in Fremantle, and learn to surf – because the beach is great in the winter!