Archaeological Field Schools

Archaeological field schools are a great way to get essential archaeological experience. They are open to all students. These courses usually transfer in as ARCL 306 and can be counted as the archaeology and research methods requirements for the major.


Archaeology Field School (University of Victoria)

Students have the opportunity to gain Archaeology field work experience through the Vancouver Island Field School program at the University of Victoria. With the permission of the Anthropology Department, UBC students can enroll and gain transfer credits.

For more information, please visit University of Victoria Field School.


Bamfield Marine Science Centre

The Anthropology Department is partnered with Bamfield Marine Science Centre to offer field courses in coastal and marine sciences in Canada. Students will gain university credits through immersive experimental learning in coastal habitats. For more information, please visit the Bamfield Marine Science Centre website.


Urban Ethnographic Field School (UEFS)

As a fieldwork-based course, UEFS trains students how to conduct in-depth, community-based research on the social, political, cultural and economic lives of immigrants. By immersing themselves in qualitative research, students gain valuable experience linking hands-on research in the classroom to theoretical paradigms related to the study of migration, transnationalism, global diasporas and multicultural communities. Students learn how to carry out participant observation, interviews and focus groups; students also learn how to create statistical portraits of immigrant communities and map key community resources such as sites of worship, cultural centers, immigrant services, or language specific delis and video stores. For more information, please visit the UEFS website.