Erin Hanson

Research Key Words

Aboriginal rights and title; Indigenous-settler relations, settler-colonialism;  legal anthropology; rights and recognition; decolonization; natural resource development; Indigenous law; Coast Salish.


sing ethnographic and decolonizing research methodologies, I am researching the impacts and implications of Crown-First Nations consultation and accommodation in the natural resource sector in British Columbia. As Aboriginal rights and title are largely unextinguished in B.C., the legal requirement for Crown governments to consult with First Nations presents a day-to-day process whereby First Nations and the Crown negotiate the extent of a First Nation’s rights and title.  My research examines understandings of law (Canadian and Coast Salish), power structures at play during the consultation process, narratives that inform each side, and how Coast Salish First Nations are leveraging legal precedents to assert their own laws, jurisdiction and decision-making authority.


BA Anthropology, University of British Columbia, 2008

UBC Supervisor: Bruce Miller

Indigenous Foundations, 2011. First Nations Studies Program, University of British Columbia.

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council , 2016