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Connect with other Anthropology students through the Anthropology Students’ Association and view the latest issue of The Ethnograph.

Anthropology Students’ Association

The Anthropology Students’ Association (ASA) is an organization that seeks to connect undergraduate students together who are majoring, minoring, or just interested in knowing more about anthropology.

The ASA holds both academic and social events such as socials, professor talks, and game nights with the goal in mind of strengthening our relationships among the Anthropology department.

2020/21 ASA Executives:

  • Co-Presidents: Amancio LeRoux, Sadie Kelly
  • VP External: Alana Shaw
  • VP Internal: Kara Ren
  • VP Events: Emma Marsales, TBC
  • Journal Coordinator: Laura Derby
  • Journal Editor-in-Chief: Mary Kelly
  • Treasurer: TBC

The Ethnograph

The Ethnograph (previously the “Anthropology Student Journal”) is an initiative set in place by the Anthropology Students’ Association (ASA) to give students the opportunity to publish outstanding papers in anthropology and archaeology.



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