Gain global perspectives and deeper insight into human relationships by majoring in Anthropology at UBC Vancouver.

Three primary areas of concentration are offered within the Anthropology major:

  • Anthropological Archaeology
  • Museum and Visual Anthropology
  • Socio-Cultural Anthropology

Students can declare a major upon obtaining third-year standing.

Degree Requirements

Students declaring a Major in Anthropology in 2021 or later should follow the degree requirements listed on the UBC Calendar (not the information below).

The Major in Anthropology requires completion of 42 credits in Anthropology (ANTH) and Archaeology (ARCL) — at least 30 of which must be numbered 300 or higher.

Lower-level Requirements

  • ANTH 100 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (3 credits)
  • ARCL 103 Introduction to Archeology (3 credits) or  ARCL 140 Bones the Origin of Humanity (3 credits)
  • 6 credits chosen from other ANTH or ARCL courses at the 200-level

Upper-level Requirements

At least 30 credits of upper-level ANTH or ARCL courses, including:

  • ANTH 300 Contemporary Anthropological Theory  (3)
  • ANTH 400 History of Anthropology (3)
  • 3 credits in research methods and techniques: ANTH 317, 407, 408, 409, 417, 418, 431,433, 451, 452, 471, 478, 480; ARCL 306, 345, 405, 406, 419, 424, 425, 430, 495

A course in statistics, such as ANTH 418, is also recommended as part of the major and honours programs in anthropology and the minor in Anthropological Archaeology.

All students considering the major in Anthropology are encouraged to meet with the Anthropology Undergraduate Advisor prior to enrolling in the program and periodically during their third and fourth years to ensure all requirements are being met.

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