Gain global perspectives and deeper insight into human relationships — both past and present — by minoring in Anthropology or Anthropological Archaeology at UBC Vancouver.

Students can declare a minor upon obtaining third-year standing.

Minor in Anthropology

Minor in Anthropological Archaeology

The Anthropological Archaeology minor includes a focus on cultural ecology, the economic patterns of hunters, gatherers, and agriculturalists, and the nature of complex societies.

Instruction covers field techniques, analysis, and the study of various culture areas and includes a local field school.

The Laboratory of Archaeology located in the Museum of Anthropology building offers extensive archaeological facilities and houses collections from various parts of the world.

All students considering the minor in Anthropological Archaeology are encouraged to seek advising with the Anthropology undergraduate advisor prior to enrolling in the program.

Students combining the minor with a major or honours program in Anthropology should be aware of double-counting. ANTH 418 can be counted toward either program.

At least 30 credits in anthropological archaeology, including ARCL 103 or 140, 203 or 204, and 305. At least 18 credits must be at the 300-level or above.

There are three recommended pathways through the minor, although course choice is unrestricted beyond the above requirements:

Anthropological Archaeology Variant

  • Required courses plus 21 credits from. ARCL 103, 204, 231, 232, 306, 309, 318, 319, 321,-324, 405, 406, 419, 420, 430, ANTH 418.

Bioarchaeology Variant

  • Required courses plus 21 credits from. ARCL 140, 204, 228, 309, 325, 326, 406, 419, 425, 430, ANTH 418.

First Nations Heritage Management/Cultural Resource Management Variant

  • Required courses plus 21 credits from. ARCL 140, 204, 231, 306, 309, 318, 405, 406, 419, 420, 424, 425, 430, ANTH 418.

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