Below is a list of Departmental awards only. The Faculty of Arts and the Graduate + Postgraduate Studies offices may offer additional awards to undergraduate and graduate students.

Please note, the value of each award may vary on an annual basis.

The Department of Anthropology recognizes undergraduate excellence with two annual awards:

The Julie Cruikshank Award is given to the best term paper submitted in an anthropology (ANTH or ARCL) course. This award is given in honour of Julie Cruikshank, one of our most accomplished professors (now emerita).

The Hawthorn Award is given to the best undergraduate Honours thesis.  This award recognizes the founding anthropologist of the department, Harry Hawthorn.  Award recipients receive a $50 UBC Bookstore gift card.

UBC also has several awards for which anthropology students are eligible:

The Lui Lin Ping Memorial Scholarship ($1200) is offered to an undergraduate student in the final year of study in international relations, anthropology or geography whose studies are concerned with advancing cross-cultural understanding and who has achieved distinction in written work related to cross-cultural studies. The award is made on the recommendation of the Faculty of Arts in consultation with the respective departments.

The International Undergraduate Award in Psychology, Anthropology and Commerce are awards totaling $3,000 are offered by an anonymous donor to undergraduate international students in any year of study majoring in Psychology or Anthropology, or who are pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce degree. The awards are to be split evenly between the three disciplines, and financial need may be considered. Awards are made on the recommendation of the Faculty of Arts and the Sauder School of Business.


The following awards are assigned by the Department of Anthropology on a merit basis to students that meet the eligibility requirements for each individual award. Students do not need to apply for these awards, as nominations are submitted by faculty members and adjudicated by the departmental Awards Committee.

Michael Ames Scholarship in Museum Studies

A scholarship of $3,900 has been endowed by the volunteers of the Museum of Anthropology Shop and friends in honour of Dr. Michael Ames, Director of the Museum from 1974 to 1997. The award is offered to a student in Museum Studies.

Charles and Alice Borden Fellowship for Archaeology

A $13,850 fellowship has been endowed by Dr. Charles E. Borden, Professor Emeritus of Archaeology. The fellowship is awarded to a candidate in the program leading to the Ph.D., in Archaeology. Preference is given to a candidate whose thesis is concerned with problems related to the archaeology and cultural history of the Pacific Northwest. A candidate may also be considered whose thesis topic is concerned with problems pertaining to the archaeology and prehistory in any area of the Old or New World.

Wilson Duff Memorial Scholarship

A scholarship of $1,200 has been endowed in memory of Professor Wilson Duff, a member of the Faculty who worked extensively in the field of Indigenous history and culture. The award is available to a student in the Faculty of Arts or Law, who is doing work in the field of Indian history and culture. Preference is given to a student of Indigenous ancestry.

Francis Reif Scholarship

A $3,250 scholarship has been made available through an endowment established for a graduate student in the Department of Anthropology. Preference is given to a student who intends to pursue graduate work in the study of Northwest Coast Indigenous art.

Sentinel Prize in Anthropology

A prize totaling $700 has been endowed by members of the fan club of "The Sentinel", a television production filmed on campus.

AGSA-AGSC Travel Award

MA and PhD students are eligible to apply for reimbursements of up to $500 for travel and conference expenses. This award is typically given to six applicants each academic year. Students may only receive this award once during their program.


Charles and Alice Borden Fellowship in Archeology: Awarded to Patrick Morgan Ritchie, Ph.D. student (Program Supervisor Michael Blake)

Michael Ames Museum Scholarship: Awarded to Christopher Smith (graduating MA student) (Program Supervisor Jennifer Kramer)

Francis Reif Scholarship: Awarded to Emily Leischner, Ph.D. Student (Program Supervisor Jennifer Kramer)

Wilson Duff Memorial Scholarship: Awarded to Malika Hays, MA Student (Program Supervisor Andrew Martindale)

Sentinel Prize in Anthropology: Awarded to Elias Alexander, MA Student (Program Supervisor Millie Creighton)

Canadian Anthropology Society (CASCA) Outstanding Graduating Ph.D. Student: Awarded to Heather Robertson (Program Supervisor Darlene Weston)

Canadian Anthropology Society (CASCA) Outstanding Graduating MA Student: Awarded to Katrin Schmid (Program Supervisor Charles Menzies)

Canadian Anthropology Society (CASCA) Outstanding Graduating BA or Honours Student: Awarded to James Binks (Honours Supervisor Sara Shneiderman)

Julia Cruikshank Prize in Anthropology for a Paper by an Undergraduate Student Submitted in an Anthropology Class: Awarded to Sophia (Sophie) Taylor (Nominated by Kailey Rocker) for her paper, “Death Symbolism and the Socialist Past: Necropolics in Socialist Russia,” written for Anth 301.

Julia Cruikshank Prize in Anthropology for a Paper by a Graduate Student Submitted in an Anthropology Class: Awarded to Joan Bratty (Nominated by Camilla Speller) for her paper, “Domestication Theory and Human Microbiomes,” written for ARCL 425.