We encourage students to become involved in the many scholarly and social activities that make up the life of the Department and the University. Through the Alma Mater Society (AMS), located in The Nest, there is a wide range of social, academic, recreational and cultural clubs open to students. In addition, the University operates a recreation centre and aquatic centre as well as a wide variety of food and retail services. Many of these are located in or around the SUB near the centre of the campus.

Departmental Scholarly and Social Opportunities

The Anthropology and Sociology Graduate Student Symposium

This annual event is organized entirely by graduate students in the Department. Lasting two days, both graduate and undergraduate students deliver papers and multi-media presentations of their research. UBC students also regularly present papers at meetings of the Canadian Anthropology Society and the Northwest Anthropology Society, among others. Several UBC students have won prizes from these organizations for outstanding papers in recent years.

Research Collaboration

Graduate students often collaborate with faculty on research projects, working as research assistants and associates, and developing thesis topics from joint projects. In recent years, faculty and students have collaborated on projects studying BC fisheries, archaeological sites on the Northwest Coast, Mexico and the Arctic, oral history of the Yukon, indigenous justice, the colonial history of Papua New Guinea, women’s history in South America, and Alzheimer’s disease among many other topics. Students are strongly encouraged to publish the results of their research in scholarly journals.

Department Seminars

Both the Department Special Events Committee and the Graduate Student Association schedule regular seminars on topics of interests. Speakers include graduate students and faculty reporting on their own research, visitors passing through Vancouver to and from field research, spokespeople from First Nations communities, and invited scholars. Past speakers include Claude Levi-Strauss, Anthony Giddens, Edmund Leach, Elliott Leyton, Roger Keesing, Joan Ryan, and Alison Wylie.

Pizza Lunches and Other Social Events

Both the Department and the Museum host events at which graduate students may meet and mingle with each other and faculty. The most popular has been the (free!) pizza lunches held in the Department.