Colleen Parsley

Research Key Words:

Bioarchaeology; Coast Salish

Intersections between ethics, archaeology, colonialism and interactions with the dead are themes explored in my research.  I am interested in mortuary and bioarchaeological theories and apply 3D laser technology to my work among and with Coast Salish indigenous communities.

My current project documents mortuary evidence with and for Stz’uminus First Nation in an indigenous-led and community based archaeological study about ancient cremation and mass graves. Altering dynamics of cultural power, repatriation and re-orienting archaeological work to serve and strengthen contemporary and future Stz’uminus connections to the past through physical archaeological evidence are processes and outcomes of this work.  I am also the proprietor of a heritage consulting firm located on the shores of the Salish Sea.

M.A. Supervisor: Dr. Darlene Weston