Darlene Weston

My research interests are varied, ranging from palaeodemography and palaeopathology (particularly infectious disease and stress indicators) to funerary archaeology and archaeothanatology.

Research Projects Completed
September, 2013August, 2019

NEXUS 1492: New World encounters in a
globalising world – investigating the impact of colonial encounters in the Caribbean.

April, 2015April, 2017

Ancient identities: body modification among the Stz’umius ancestors from the Salish sea


As a biological anthropologist, human osteoarchaeologist and palaeopathologist, I study human remains from archaeological contexts, focusing on bio-cultural interpretations of health and disease. My interest in human remains was sparked as an undergraduate student in archaeology at Simon Fraser University. I committed to this field of research as a master’s student, obtaining a MSc in Osteology, Palaeopathology, and Funerary Archaeology at the University of Bradford in the UK, studying with Charlotte Roberts and Keith Manchester. My master’s thesis involved looking at changing styles of artificial cranial modification in Southern British Columbia.

As a PhD student at the Institute of Archaeology, University College London (supervised by Simon Hillson and Tony Waldron), my research took a more methodological turn. I used radiography and scanning electron microscopy to investigate the characteristics and interpretation of periosteal lesions in human remains from medical museum and archaeological contexts. During this time I was also Experimental Officer in Biological Anthropology at the Dept of Archaeological Sciences, University of Bradford, where I taught undergraduate and master’s students, designed and equipped the labs in the Biological Anthropology Research Centre (BARC) and was curator of the human skeletal collections.

After being an Associated Scientist in the Department of Human Evolution at the Max Planck Institute in Leipzig, Germany and a Post-doc in the Department of Archaeology, Durham University (UK), I developed an interdisciplinary undergraduate minor programme in Human Osteoarchaeology at Leiden University in the Netherlands, where I was a lecturer in the Department of Anatomy and Embryology. I joined the UBC Anthropology Dept in 2010.

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Winter 2020

ARCL140 Bones: The Origins of Humanity Sections

The origin and evolution of the human lineage and the emergence of human biological and cultural traits with emphasis on the fossil record before the Pleistocene. Credit will be granted for only one of ARCL 140 or ANTH 225.

Winter 2020

ARCL325 Paleoanthropology Sections

Origin and development of the hominins; the hominin fossil record, and theories relating to hominin evolution.

Winter 2020

ARCL228 Forensic Anthropology Sections

The application of methods from biological anthropology and archaeology to the identification, recovery, and analysis of skeletal remains from crime scenes, mass disasters, and unexplained deaths.

Winter 2020

ARCL419 The Archaeology of Death Sections

A survey of methods, theory, and case-studies in mortuary archaeology.

ARCL 140 001 Bones: The Origins of Humanity
ARCL 228 001 Forensic Anthropology
ARCL 326 001 Primatology
ARCL 419 001 The Archaeology of Death
ARCL 325 001 Paleoanthropology

National Award for Scientific Investigation, Cuban Academy of Sciences, for archaeological work on the site of El Choro de Maita, Cuba (award shared with RV Rojas [PI], LP Iglesias, EG Rodriguez, C Hofmann, VJ Knight, M Hoogland, M Martinon-Torres, JE Laffoon, A Bayliss, LA Newsom, HL Mickleburgh, A van Duijvenbode, AB Persons, J Cooper, JG Rodruguez, JAC Ramirez).