Emily Allan

Research Key Words:

NGOization, Post-development theory, Postcolonial feminisms, Intersectionality, Critical race theory, Empowerment discourse

My work looks at the sociopolitical effects of NGOization in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, with a particular focus on the relationships between local and international NGOs working in women’s rights and gender empowerment. Through an intersectional feminist lens and drawing on postcolonial feminisms, I aim to question discourses of empowerment and how they operate in the NGO and development sphere and its focus on ’empowering’ women and girls.

Bachelor of Arts / Anthropology and Political Science / University of British Columbia / 2014

UBC Supervisor: Dr. Vinay Kamat

Allan, E. (2014). Minority identities in a minority nation: A critical analysis of Quebec’s Interculturalism policy. The UBC Journal of Political Studies 16(1), 13-21.

Allan, E. (2013). Cultural appropriation, commodification, and the agency of the hip-hop artist. Student Anthropologist, the Journal of the Anthropology Students Association of UBC 2(1), 2-11.

Arts Graduate Research Award , 2016
SSHRC Canada Graduate Scholarship Master’s Award , 2015
Faculty of Arts Graduate Award , 2015