Huma Mohibullah

Research Interests:

Post-9/11; War on Terror; Anthropology of Islam; Citizenship and Belonging; Nationalism and Memory; Secularism; Senses of Place; Ground Zero; New York City

Current Research:

“Where are the Moderate Muslims?”: Post-9/11 Muslim Positionalities in New York City

My doctoral research examines how the ongoing legacy of 9/11 (mosque surveillance or national security rhetoric, for example) affects the religiopolitical subjectivities, identity positionings and spatial perceptions of American Muslims living in New York City.  Central to this project is an exploration of how different groups of American Muslims living in New York City navigate the dichotomy of “moderate” versus “fundamentalist” int heir daily lives an  practices.

B.A. Social Science/Anthropology, University of Washington, 2009

M.A. Anthropology, George Washington University, 2011

PhD Supervisors: Alexia Bloch and Gaston Gordillo

American Anthropological Association
Canadian Anthropology Society
Liu Institute for Global Issues