Jasmine Sacharuk


Ancient Technology, Early China, Experimental Archaeology, Culture Contact & Migration, Archaeological Theory





Current Projects: My MA thesis focuses on ancient bronze casting technology during the late Shang dynasty (~1200-1046 BCE). This project aims to develop a social understanding of the ancient bronzes through the technological processes involved in creating them. I will be investigating the decoration and function of the bronzes in conjunction with their technological style, as well as the social and physical contexts of production. Alongside an in-depth visual and physical examination of late Shang bronzes and bronze casting technology (specifically ceramic molds), I will be conducting petrographic analysis of the ceramic molds via SEM. This research will be supplemented by replication experiments of the ceramic molds in an attempt to further illuminate the artisanal choices behind the technological process. My fieldwork and experimental work takes place at the Anyang Work Station in Anyang, Henan, China.


BA Anthropology, University of British Columbia, 2012


BA Art, Design & Visual Culture and Classics (double major), University of Alberta, 2008





Supervisor/s: Dr. Zhichun Jing