Lara Rosenoff-Gauvin

Youth and conflict, social organization through wartime and displacement, oral traditions and embodied learning in long term and post conflict zones, social repair and transitional justice, the political nature of narrative authority, memorialization.

MFA Documentary Media (distinction), Ryerson University (2009)
BA Communication Studies (distinction), Concordia University (1998)

Committee: Patrick Moore (supervisor), Erin Baines, Pilar Riaño-Alcalá, Bill McKellin

Other Affiliations:

Trudeau Scholar
Liu Institute Scholar

Current Project:

My thesis project  “Do Not Uproot the Pumpkin Fruit”: Intergenerational Knowledge Transmissions and Social Repair after Two Decades of War in Northern Uganda, examines indigenous, intergenerational and gendered processes of social reconstruction in rural northern Uganda.