Steffan Gordon


Urbanism, architecture, Bronze Age China, archaeology of technology


My research interests surround processes of urbanization in ancient states and ancient architectural design and technology. In particular, I am interested in the use of architecture as a tool for political and social control in Northern China during the Bronze Age. Through spatial analysis of urban settlements and individual buildings it is possible to identify opportunities for using the form and arrangement of architectural features to physically and psychologically influence the people who interacted with the built environment. Combining this analysis with a study of the technological processes involved in building construction, including site selection and preparation, material acquisition and preparation, building techniques, use, maintenance requirements, and even abandonment, allows these technological processes and the associated organization of labour to be integrated into wider strategies of political and social control.


MA: Anthropology, University of Toronto, 2013

BA: Anthropology (Honours), Philosophy (Minor), University of British Columbia, 2012

Supervisor: Dr. Zhichun Jing




Gordon, Steffan, and Megan Vanderwel
Food to Die For: Rice Burials at Neon U-Loke, Thailand. Paper presented at the 6th Annual Anthropology Conference on Culture, Community and Well-Being, Sustaining Food: Conference on Past and Present Food systems, Kwantlen Polytechnic University, March (2009)